Humans of FHC: Zachary Devries


“You know how people do biking? My thing’s scootering.

I don’t know why exactly why I ride my scooter; I just did it a lot as a kid. I don’t know why, but I just keep doing it. I have an adult scooter [now], and I usually get a lot of them because I put a lot of miles on each scooter. I once went fifteen miles on a single scooter one day. I think I nearly passed out when I got home. It was a hot day in the summer, and it was terrible! But it was so much fun too. I was [trying to go to] GameStop, but in my directions, I was going to Meijer Gardens, not Meijer, so I got sent in an entirely different way.

[I like them], for one, because they’re super portable, and you can just clip it up. I mean, no one’s going to take that; no one knows how to unfold it. Two, it’s just a little more comfortable. Honestly though, it kind of works out my [butt] too much, and I don’t want that.

I get a lot of those weird looks from everyone; it’s hilarious. I’m just like, ‘Don’t question it, man. Just roll with it.'”