Humans of FHC: Danielle Rapeyko


“I’ve been doing KCTC since last year when I was a junior. I’m in diagnostics right now. It’s like all about the X-rays and phlebotomy. So, we learn about sticking needles up in your arm for bloodwork. You practice it on a mannequin, and then after mannequins, we practice on each other. I haven’t tried it yet, so we’ll find out [how it goes]. That’s in the next month, I think. I’d [like to be] an RN, but I’m not really sure yet. I think this program is giving me a good mindset and showing me what I’m going into, rather than going in without knowing anything healthcare . I like getting out early, too. I get home at like two, and I also have an hour-long lunch. I’ll probably go to either Grand Valley or Ferris State [for] nursing.”