Transfer of Power

Sam Hopkins

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Transfer of Power

World renowned terrorist Rafique Aziz sat in the Oval Office, waiting for the feeble minded Americans to make their move. Aziz and his henchmen had seized control of the White House with ease, displaying the weakness of the supposedly “great” Americans.  The seventy three hostages were being monitored in the dining hall, the thirty six White House entrances had been booby-trapped by Aziz’s accomplices, and his evacuation process had been fine tuned and critiqued, assuring an untraceable exit. The ball was in the American’s court.

Two streets away, Mitch Rapp, the CIA’s top counter-terrorist agent, fumed with anger as he listened to the cowardly executives discuss the spineless course of action they would take.  Rapp was not a believer in negotiating with evil people, he believed in killing them. Rapp had faced situations similar to this time and time again, yet it was the pampered politicians that would decide the fate of this mission.

Abandoning his Division 1 lacrosse scholarship at Syracuse University, Rapp embarked on a new career path with the CIA. Rapp didn’t have the secret service in mind when originally thinking about his future, but that all changed when his long time lover was killed.  Maureen Eliot, Rapp’s high school sweetheart, was killed December 21st on Flight 103, returning from an overseas semester. With the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, and the death of his future spouse, Rapp turned toward violence, pledging that he would come to stop all evil.  In the years to come, Rapp would stalk and eliminate vital members of extremist groups on both foreign and domestic soil.

With the opportunity to take down the world’s most wanted man, Rafique Aziz, Rapp didn’t plan on missing this window of opportunity.  He had made the decision, even if he had to go rogue, he would neutralize Aziz once and for all.

Let me advise you now, before you venture into the nearest library, make sure you have some time on your hands. Transfer of Power is a 647 page masterpiece that will keep readers’ eyes glued to its carefully scripted words. Setting the stage early in chapter one, Vince Flynn creates a intricate story that allows readers to focus on the numerous plot twists, scenery changes, and minute details of the unfolding story. The fast-paced storyline will keep you awake late into the night, turning the pages at light speed. Combining humor, suspense, and action, Transfer of Power is a well written work of art that brings out the fighting side in us all.