Humans of FHC: Hannah Walters


“Since I was born, my family and I have been sailing. It started when my dad got a small boat and fixed it up, then took us sailing. It became a common thing after that, and eventually, we got a new, bigger boat and planned bigger trips. When I was old enough, my dad taught me how to work the sailboat, and it actually turned out to be super hard, but I also find it really fun. Our trips could range from a couple days to multiple weeks, like one time we sailed to Canada from Muskegon, which ended up taking an entire month. Every summer, we just go and visit different places and ports, often times staying on the water for several days, or even weeks. I’ve been able to explore so many different places through sailing, like I’ve sailed to Chicago, Canada, Wisconsin, Mackinac Island, and a lot of other places. It has always been something I enjoy doing, and it’s an uncommon way many people travel which makes the experiences more unique.”