Humans of FHC: Ethan Matry


“This year, I decided to go out and get my first job. My older brother had worked at Home Goods, and he really liked it, so I decided to apply there. It’s a different place than where most high schoolers work, so at first it was just me, but a few weeks into the job I got my friend, [junior] Will Gustafson, to apply. Once he started working with me, the job became really fun and also very interesting. My favorite memory there is when Will and I spent like eight hours stacking Christmas stuff, so we were both super tired, and we had to move this expensive mirror to a different section. Long story short, we ended up accidentally dropping the mirror onto the ground, which then led to the mirror shattering into pieces. At first, we just looked at each other in shock, but then we processed what had just happened and looked at the mirror broken all over the place, and we just started cracking up. It ended up taking forever to clean up, but it will always be remembered as my first dilemma at my first job. All in all, that job taught me how to be a diligent employee and that it’s always more fun to work with a friend.”