Second annual FHC Inspires program is May 23: Q&A with Ken George


1. Can you describe what FHC Inspires is?

“It is the culmination of a year-long TED Talk project in Honors English 10 classes. Every Honors English 10 student gave a 3-5 minute talk to approximately 100 students in the lecture hall two weeks ago. The FHC Inspires evening program includes the best of those talks in a fast-moving one-and-a-half hour show.”

2. What are the talks about? 

“Each student has a unique, self-selected topic. They range from serious to funny, happy to sad, and informational to persuasive. Each talk is a maximum of 4 minutes, and those four minutes will make the audience members laugh, cry, and definitely think. Without a doubt, the strength of the show is that people leave pondering many aspects of their own lives.”

3. What is the format of the show?

“At 7 p.m. [on May 23], I will give a very brief introduction and the first speaker will begin before 7:05. Then, speakers will go back-to-back until 8:30. We will have a screen set up like a concert so you can see the speaker’s face close-up regardless of where you are seated.”

4. How will the audience be included in the show?

“We will have programs available when you walk in along with an FHC Inspires pen and notepad. During the show, we invite all audience members to write notes to the speakers. After the show, boxes will be set up for each speaker in the lobby, and the audience members can place their notes in those boxes.”

5. What is the history of this program?

“The English 10 TED Talk project started just three years ago. Last year was the first FHC Inspires, and it was a result of many people asking to see the very best talks from each class. Last year, the auditorium was more than half full. I’m hopeful for another great audience for this year.”

6. How can people learn more about the speakers and the show?

“Stay tuned to The Central Trend. Starting May 10th, TCT will be posting 30-second videos of each speaker talking about their topic and their goals with their talk.”