We live in a world that is constantly in motion


Every day I find myself learning something new about this vast world we live in.

After approximately six thousand one hundred and ninety-six days of being in existence, you would think I would have a pretty good grasp on everything that is going on in this place. However, the first about one thousand days I had absolutely no clue where I was or what everything around me was, and it wasn’t until the most recent one thousand days where I actually could grasp an explainable understanding of things occurring all around me.

Honestly, even if I did have all of those six thousand days to genuinely take time and explore the world, I don’t think I would have even barely scraped the surface; I mean, how could I when the world is constantly in motion?

This enormous mass we call “home” is persistently moving each second it remains full of life. It is an unfinished book holding the story of all of us. There is a new chapter added every second, and the stories are constantly altering depending on who is writing them. Each story is a new mixture of views and thoughts and ideas that someone has to share. Each major climax of the novel has its various swirl of opinions.

This is what fascinates me; I see an event in a certain way, and someone else sees it in the complete opposite perspective. Even more than that, there is always something major going on in some place that I could have absolutely no idea about.

Just recently I’ve been exposed to a series of events that occurred somewhere else on this planet, and with tremendous impacts, but somehow I had no idea it was even happening.

Every day, there is something finally exposed to my eyes that has been shielded for so long. Yes, a lot of it is full of horror, but a lot of it is also painted with beauty. And just because some events are horrid does not mean that I don’t want to know them; in fact, the terrorful events are what teach me the most.

Each day, there is a country swallowed by struggle. There are people out there fighting a battle many of us have no idea is even being fought. Events we only imagine in our nightmares exist somewhere out there. There is always a war raging, a town in ruins, a family in pain. We see the mistakes of the past constantly recreating themselves, but most people go through their daily lives without a thought about the struggle that exists.

Each day, there is a person experiencing a life-changing event, good or bad. There is a person who is losing something that they don’t know how to live without, and there is a person gaining the bundle of life as a newborn enters the world. There is never a moment where something new isn’t occurring.

There is always something new brewing at the surface, something just waiting to be discovered. A person could live thousands of lives, even millions, and still not grasp every ounce of life that exists. We incoherently live in our own bubbles, filled with only the information we encounter. People always discuss the theory of “popping the bubble,” but is that concept really possible?

There is so much in this world, and I don’t want to remain a person who sits in the shadows and learns about things from a secondary standpoint.”

Yes, we can reach out of our comfort zones, we can read things about places far from us and try to grasp what goes on in this chaotic world, but really that is only popping a small sector of this immense bubble we are all wrapped up in.

I used to be fascinated by the concept of being able to learn something new every day. I never understood how there could be so much going on, and so much that had happened, that I could go through an entire lifetime without hearing it all. Then I was exposed to events across the oceans and history lectures on breathtaking events that occurred with barely any notice from anyone who wasn’t actually living in it.

We think we know it all when we hear about the terrorist attacks, the wars, the unpredictable discoveries, but really these are all things that are common knowledge as they lay plastered across the news. The new things to learn are what require the searching, the exploring, the traveling.

As I realize how much unknown is out there, I feel friction within me to know more. I can’t “pop my bubble” because the concept within itself is illogical, but I can try and stretch out of the new things I learn through reading, the news, and my experiences.

Knowing how much more is out there makes me want to stop waiting for the new things to come to me and instead go discover them first. I don’t want to be a person who remained completely obscured from the treacherous events that are all around me, the struggles so many people are going through. And I don’t want to be the person who experiences the good things through lucky encounters; I want to grasp my own hands around them first through my efforts to find them.

There is so much in this world, and I don’t want to remain a person who sits in the shadows and learns about things from a secondary standpoint. There is so much talk about “being the change you wish to see in the world,” but how can one create a change without an understanding?

How can one be a change in the world when they don’t know where that change is needed?

It is impossible to uncover all of the secrets of the world, but it’s not impossible to search for as many of them as one can in their lifetime. So much has gone on in the same world I live in without a speck of my attention, and that is a thought that entrances me in an unsettled state.

I learn something new every day, but I stand not content with the lack of things I know.