Marc Rabideau- Senior Class Treasurer


Abby Scutch, Staff Writer

Name: Marc Rabideau

Current Grade: 11th

Running for Senior Class Treasurer

Q: Why are you running for Senior Class Treasurer? 

A: Since I really enjoyed Student Council last year, I wanted to continue doing it this year and I thought that being Treasurer would be the most interesting with coordinating fundraising and distributing money to the places that need it.

Q: Did you run for anything in previous years?

A: I ran for a random student council position last year because we had a shortage of members and then I ended up becoming Junior class trustee.

Q: What impact would you like to have on FHC?

A: I would love to give a great gift back to the school with our Senior Class Gift, but that can only happen if I can raise the funds for it.

Q: What would you like to change the most?

A: I would love to have more involvement from all the class members in the Ranger challenges.

Q: What other things are you involved in at FHC? 

A: I am the Dance co-captain with Sutton Steensma for the upcoming Musical.  Also, I am in Odyssey of the Mind, Marching Band, and I also like to do Random Acts of Talent, and be involved with the Fall play.

Q: What motivated you to run?

A: I thought it would be fun to give my input on school activities like Homecoming and Winterfest events. And I like helping plan Prom with the other Student Council members.

Q: What is the most valuable characteristic within yourself that will help you run?

A: I am a very outspoken person. If I feel that something is not right, I am not afraid to correct them or tell them my opinion.

Q: What teacher has influenced you the most during high school?

A: Mrs. DeMeester has really started my theater career. In freshman year, she made me try out for the musical and before then, I was not the person who would talk to people outside of my friends. After doing Musical, I started talking to people outside of my friend group because I realized that I should not be afraid to talk to the people I do not know. Upon helping my confidence in Mrs. DeMeester’s class, she would not only teach English, but many life lessons using herself as examples of right and wrong. These life lessons really helped to inspire me to be a better person overall.