Kelsea Ballerini’s newest single makes me not want to go to the Club


Kelsea Ballerini is a country artist; she’s won a multitude of awards including the IHeartRadio Music Award for Best New Country Artist, Radio Disney Music Award for Country Favorite Artist, and many others.

Ballerini released her first album in 2015. The album—The First Time—was one of the first times the world got to hear this singer’s vocals in action.

Her new single, “Club,” tiptoes on the edge between pop and country, further enhancing the little pocket of country music she has helped to construct in the short time she has been singing. Along with other artists, Ballerini is pioneering a new sound for country music — it’s something that sounds familiar.

Combining the old feel of country and the new, modern sound of pop music is what Ballerini tries to accomplish with each of her songs.

As an avid pop-music listener, I can pick up on the subtle hints in Ballerini’s songs — the explosive chorus, the underlying vocals, and the rock-esque feel it provides showcases all the things she is best at.

Soundwise, her newest song resembles her older tracks including “Yeah Boy,” “Dibs,” “Peter Pan,” and “Love Me Like You Mean It.” They all have an interesting hook and explode into a melody full of relatable lyrics most girls either experience or daydream about. “Club” is a song that has shown Ballerini’s growth and it adds a new edge to her overflowing portfolio of tracks.

Comparing “Club” with some of her newest music you can tell it’s happier and lighter than her track “Homecoming Queen” which overall has a somber tone.

The chorus features the negative connotations associated with a club and the verses in between tell a story from “putting on a dress and dancin’ with my feelings” to waking up “on the floor of the bathroom” after a long night out.

She sums up a whole, chaotic night in a few stanzas. She talks about the stress that comes with socializing and how “it ain’t worth it in the morning” because “everybody around me try to hook up and say stuff they don’t mean.”

The song, like many of her others, starts off slow and then the beat picks up and her lyrics paint a picture for you.

The chorus explodes into a melody of drums, guitar, and her amazing, strong vocals.”

The chorus explodes into a melody of drums, guitar, and her amazing, strong vocals.

She’s made the decision to not “go to the club” and I wholeheartedly support it.