Sukhpreet Singh battles school life and social life


What defines a great student? Work ethic, time management, or having a solid grip on the roller coaster of life? Maybe all three. 

Junior Sukhpreet Singh is the textbook definition of a good student as he manages to encapsulate all three of these, and it’s his passion for the classes he is taking that sets him apart from other students. 

“I choose my classes based on my interests and how well I would do in them, particularly AP Chemistry,” Sukhpreet said. “I really loved [chemistry] last year, and I felt I was ready to take an advanced course in that, especially with a great teacher such as [David] Vonehr; I thought it would be a good suit for me.”

Besides having a true passion for the classes he takes, Sukhpreet also excels because he knows how to manage his hectic schedule.

Sukhpreet never gives in to the stress as he takes classes that challenge his dedication to school. Instead, he has found ways to both exceed teacher expectations and also make time for a social life despite rigorous work.

“I don’t overthink things,” Sukhpreet said. “I try to take life a day at a time and one assignment at a time. I don’t over plan, overthink my homework, or contemplate what’s due next week or what’s due the next day; I try to live in the now and finish the stuff that is given to me.”

That kind of “live in the now” mindset is what allows Sukhpreet to succeed the way he does with such confidence.

It takes his true self-motivation and a love for what he does to give the amount of time that Sukhpreet does to his classes. However, the hard work and time is evened out with the joy of being with his friends. He knows that a great way to stay sane in all the craziness is loving the class he takes and having friends in those classes that he works well with. 

“It’s a lot of self-motivation that influenced me in taking these classes,” Sukhpreet said, “and it’s a benefit that a lot of my friends are in these classes. So that’s a [positive], but it’s more based on my own interests of why I take these classes. And I do really enjoy them.” 

Although Sukhpreet thoroughly loves these classes, he advises that younger students take them with caution because they require a certain kind of dedication that only some students can handle. 

I don’t overthink things. I try to take life a day at a time and one assignment at a time.”

— Sukhpreet Singh

That being said, Sukhpreet feels that most classes are essentially what you make of them.

“The best advice I can give to students who want to take AP classes is that it requires a lot of commitment and time,” Sukhpreet said. “You truly have to care about the class that you’re taking and not just slack off. It won’t always be easy, but you have to trust in yourself and be mature enough to handle all that is given to you while still having fun because it is a really fun time.”

Sukhpreet has found himself in his element during the two hours of AP chemistry. Although it may not be for everyone, he thrives in this class, and it’s even better because it will help him with his profession in the future.

“My plan at this point is to hopefully go into the engineering field,” Sukhpreet said. “The classes I am taking lately are structured toward my field of interest; for example, AP [Chemistry] helps a lot with engineering and especially with the math aspect. I have also already planned my classes for next year to suit my needs.”

Since high school is just a small step on the way to greater things in engineering, Sukhpreet treasures his time here at FHC, and although his free time is minimal, he makes the best of every minute of every day. 

In these free minutes, Sukhpreet surrounds himself with friends that push him while still making him laugh and smile. He knows that is the true secret to doing well in both high school and life.

“It’s the friendships I have made and getting to see people every day,” Sukhpreet said, “that have made my experience here really special.”