Autumn Buchanan flaunts her talent within the art of makeup


Junior Autumn Buchanan’s passion lies solely within the bond between her beloved makeup brushes and vibrant makeup pallets that she uses to express her personality.

Her love for this artistry was triggered at the age of eight when she experimented with her mother’s foreign makeup.

“I started watching the simple ‘how to do makeup’ videos or ‘cool makeup looks’ on Youtube a while ago,” Autumn said. “Then, I would just play with my mom’s makeup for fun.”

Eight-year-old Autumn initially thought this was nothing more than a phase, but unexpectedly, her affection for makeup grew day by day.

“Eventually, it evolved into me spending every dime of my money on makeup,” Autumn said. “And creating looks that [would] often awe myself.”

At such a young age, Autumn’s passion developed abnormally quick; not a day passed by where she didn’t attempt to create a new look on her personal slate. Ranging all the way from a simple eye-shadow-based look to a full face of intense art, Autumn’s makeup skills improved every single day from her contrasting experiments.

Autumn is an open-minded person—which is extremely beneficial in regards to her hobby. Her accepting outlook on everything allows her to test out diverse makeup styles and even branch out to utilizing paint.

“Any makeup looks that I do that involve little details, I’ll use paint,” Autumn said. “I really like branching out and using colorful makeup pallets like the James Charles Morphe pallet.”

Autumn’s love for makeup was enhanced by her role models that have been recently skyrocketing. The fame of makeup artists these days is overwhelming because of the vast number of makeup influencers, but it is inspiring more and more of today’s youth to kickoff in the makeup world— it did for Autumn. 

“I know that he is kind of old news and obnoxious, but I look up to James Charles—he is really talented,” Autumn said. “If you search up his Instagram page or Youtube channel, what he does is incredible.”

James Charles, a twenty-year-old makeup artist, is a multi-millionaire from his multiple makeup lines. His success has skyrocketed in the past few years inspiring fans, like Autumn, every single day.

Idolizing accomplished makeup artists, Autumn truly feels that the art of makeup is a potential career for her in the future along with becoming an educator.

“Basically, I like two things—teaching and makeup,” Autumn said.

Autumn’s ideal future consists of teaching on the side but overall continuing to pursue something larger in the makeup field.

“I’d love to get my cosmetology license and maybe do something on the side, or depending on what my high school experience brings me, with makeup,” Autumn said. “Although, I always have an intention to do something within makeup instead of teaching.”

With the idea of receiving a cosmetology license, Autumn was determined to spawn a new look that was unique and drew indefinite attention to her talent.

In late October, Autumn did just that. Specifically, she desired to create something festive and majestic for Halloween. Using her favorite pallets and colors, Autumn painted a look that had impressed herself.

“I first started off with the pinks and purples in my favorite pallet and used an eyeshadow brush and blotted it across my face,” Autumn said. “ I then went in with some more pinks and oranges on the edges with a super-thin paintbrush. I used white paint to make little dots everywhere and then made shooting stars and planets. To top it all off, I just put highlight all over my face.”

Despite her finest moments, being a makeup artist does consist of some cons: time is a significant one, which Autumn personally struggles with. Being a junior in high school, time management is extremely challenging.

“At first, I was doing [my makeup] instead of homework—which wasn’t good,” Autumn said. “But, I eventually learned how to balance both school and makeup.”

The second downfall of playing with her passion is the cost. Makeup today is awfully expensive with all of the high-end brands and makeup lines available. Influencers who create makeup products rack up their prices on their products, making them more difficult to locate and purchase.

“The other trouble [was] the cost. Makeup is expensive, especially if you want to buy the nice stuff,” Autumn said. “So, that’s why I first started off with cheaper brands from Walgreens like ELF.”

Autumn’s deliberate spirit for makeup has substantially grown throughout her years of experience. Her makeup skills have enhanced and matured since her initial outset, and she hasn’t loved it any less since the day she picked up her mother’s makeup brushes.

“It’s just how some people are good at sports or other hobbies; [makeup] is my thing,” Autumn said. “It’s very therapeutic. If I can’t sleep or I’m struggling with stress, I will just do my makeup.”

The art of makeup has taught her an abundant amount of knowledge ranging from what compliments her face to determining her all-time-favorite looks. Makeup allows Autumn to grow as both an artist and as a person.

“From loving makeup, I’ve learned that it is a form of art,” Autumn said. “It’s not just something [that] all girls do for fun. Makeup means something different to me.”