January 1st verifies perfection to be unachievable

January 1st verifies perfection to be unachievable

January 1st.

A day for repeated goals to spring into action. A day for unexpected targets for the future to be executed. A day for change. 

A new year single-handedly comes with the idea that the upcoming three-hundred and sixty-five days will be nothing less than excellent. However, this standard of excellence never fails to fall short of expectations.

Our generation strives for perfection like an Olympian strives for the gold medal.

Perfection is briefly defined as the condition of being free from all flaws and altercations. This phrase is simply unrealistic; humanity comes within being imperfect. 

Sure, you may think your admirable celebrities are perfect—Beyonce, Zac Efron, Jennifer Lopez—but they aren’t. No living human is exempt from flaws.   

People treat marathons like a sprint. ”

New Year’s resolutions conceive unrealistic ambitions for the majority of people. Most people, for instance, claim they will begin exercising more or eating healthier. These popular resolutions are indeed reasonable but still remain comical. 

Many resolutions fail because of the lack of specificity; the majority of goals created are too vague to adequately have an effect on one’s life. It is significantly easier to walk away from a goal that is faint rather than distinct. 

People treat marathons like a sprint. 

This means that society moves too quickly to effectively have an impact on a routine; our youth is traveling too fast to truly improve lifestyles. Time is crucial and comes hand-in-hand with New Year’s resolutions; it is the key to success.

With fifteen years of experience on this earth, I have learned that achieving perfection is impossible. Earning anything below perfection is acceptable and permitted. In fact, such a thing is expected for humanity. New Year’s resolutions are unhealthy regarding this aspect of living because of the goals people force upon themselves. 

January 1st.

A day for new beginnings. A day for caring less. A day for living heedlessly.