So, What’s Boost Club?


Ava Stathakis, Public Relations/ Marketing Manager

“A group of people who implement actions that will raise the self-esteem and happiness level of the people who walk the halls of Forest Hills Central.”

These are the words printed on the FHC Boost Club’s flyers around school. The Boost Club’s goal is to spread positivity through the student body.

“Last week, we put some fabric up on some of the bulletin boards around the school so that they weren’t just bulletin board material,”  Math teacher and Boost Club Sponsor Tracy Will said. “We also noticed that there were no signs by the men’s and women’s bathroom. A guest to the school would just have to wing it. So, we made paper signs that said ‘Men’ and “Women’ and just hung them up.”

In past years, they have done things like putting up paper bats around the school in the month of October. The “I find you attractive” slips as well as the covering up of the mirrors in the women’s bathroom with the idea of writing something nice about yourself are all ideas created by the Boost Club.

As well as doing little things around the school like exam-grams and making the school generally look better, some of the things they are potentially doing are more wide-ranging.

“Last year, we had covered the women’s bathroom mirror and then this year, we’re working on potentially trying to bring in therapy dogs during exam week,”  junior Grace Cool said.

Mrs. Will created Boost Club because she felt that she was spread too thin when she helped out with Student Council. Boost Club became a club in the 2014-2015 school year, but this year they have made a few changes.

“The first year, we met every week and the next year, we met every other week. This year, it meets on the 21st of each month if the 21st is a school day. I like that because the first time we met it was a Wednesday, and the next time will be a Friday,” Will explained. “ So, students who have Wednesday commitments last year couldn’t have been able to come at all. Last year, we noticed that once the weather gets warm, no one wants to stay at school, so we end by spring break.”

Junior Hannah Kos loves Boost Club and actually wishes there were more meetings.

“I like Boost Club a lot, so I’m kind of sad that we’re only meeting once a month,” Hannah said.  “The only bad thing about it is that if you miss one meeting you have to wait another month and there might not be a meeting that month so you would have to wait like two months; so, that’s the only downside of it.” 

Senior Mitchel Miller looks forward to the monthly meetings.

“There’s really only so many creative things we can do, so it kind of makes it a little bit more special doing it once a month. Something that not only people in Boost Club but the people in the school in general can look forward to, like motivational posters hanging around,  or getting a piece of candy from Mrs. Will,” Mitchel said. “I know that Mrs. Will is trying to do some fun thing with the 21st of each month, so it’s kind of revolving around that and I think she has some good ideas in store.”

Regardless of how often the club meets, the purpose is all positivity.

“We just try to make today different than yesterday was,” Will said.  “We try to raise the happiness level and the self esteem of students and staff members who walk the halls of FHC and anyone who comes here, into this building, we hope.”