FHC Sports Report Podcast: Episode IV

Matthew Mahoney

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Jaden Talley
January 20, 2021
Top 5 Winners
November 30, 2020

Welcome back to the FHC Sports Report Podcast with Sports Editors in Chief Matthew Mahoney and Tommy Spaletto, featuring ex-Sports Reporter Sam Tuori. In today’s episode, legendary high school basketball coach (and newly turned college coach), advisor of The Central Trend, and English teacher Ken George joins us to share his opinions on “The Last Dance,” what the NBA is missing, the transfer situation in college basketball, and his top three college basketball coaches of all time. Additional segments include discussing Coach Duggs, the return of the Bundesliga and NBA, golf, and Dak Prescott turning down the biggest contract of all time for a quarterback.

0:00 – 3:58: Intro and final thoughts on The Last Dance with Mr. George

3:58 – 5:55: Coach Duggs is on the move

5:55 – 8:07: The Return of the Bundesliga and the NBA and Mr. George’s thoughts on what the NBA is missing

8:07 – 10:13: Special golf matchups for charity

10:13 – 12:00: Thoughts on Dak Prescott turning down a monster contract

12:00 – 16:11: The transfer situation in college basketball

16:11 – 25:11: Matthew, Tommy, Sam, and Mr. George give their Top 3 college basketball coaches of all time