I envy the sun and all that embody her


I envy the sun.

It’s as simple as that.

I envy the warmth associated with her. The way she keeps me warm with just a single touch from her bright rays. The freckles she has left scattered across my skin as if they are kisses from mother nature herself, a reminder that something bigger than me cares for my well-being to the extent of a cordial passerby in this never stopping circle of life that we spin through the sky upon. 

Her ability to leave a lasting impression on my body in the form of tan lines and sunspots. These act as beautiful artifacts, reminiscent of my childhood memories she supervised from far above in her own solar systemic realm.

The warm, feminine energy she carries and leaves behind in her path for lost wanderers such as myself to find on this blue and green globe is deeply appreciated; it serves as a loving reminder that I am never truly alone.

I wish I could embody the same tendencies in myself.

The tendencies I see in all of the people around me. 

The beautiful girl with the bridge of her nose adorned with a constellation of freckles that mirror the cascades of the stars above that shine when the sun is no longer present.

The stunning individual with the blonde fly-aways that gently caress their face, giving off the impression that they give the best hugs—a trait I envy.

The spitting image of perfection bottled into a human being that sits in front of me in class, tan as can be, makes me jealous of the no-doubt incredible adventures she embarked on this summer under the riveting summer sunlight.

People who embody the sun have a special place in my heart.

The freckles she has left scattered across my skin as if they are kisses from mother nature herself.”

Their warmth imprints on people and makes the world a better place. Their friendly tendencies leaving a seed of kindness in another’s heart that, once nurtured, creates another human full of light in the same way that the sun aides the yellow flowers named after her.

She is an ever-present, all-powerful reminder of just how much there is to love in this world and her presence makes people smile simply by shining on them and all the memories that have happened beneath her caring gaze.

I envy her all the people in this world that she has made a lasting impression on and forever hope that I can learn to do the same.