“Overthink” is greatly underappreciated


Image Credit: https://aonetwothreefour.co/2020/10/30/addison-grace-overthink/ (A1234)

The seemingly eerie pitch threw me completely off my guard when I first put on my earbuds. 

I knew immediately that “Overthink” by Addison Grace was not going to be a typical jingle.

Contrary to her first single on Spotify, “Sugar Rush,” I got the impression that there was a bit of an edge to this song. This stopped me from skipping ahead in the song and past the bland parts, which I later discovered did not exist.

My practically nonexistent expectations were exceeded.

I predicted that the minor tune would clash with the pleasant overlay. Conversely, the two blended quite nicely together, much like the mind of a person experiencing multiple emotions. Confusion, irritation, glee, and so much more were not muddled but rather folded together in the lyrics of the song. 

Addison’s emotions were deeply intertwined with the music. You can hear her annoyance and stress but also her giddy excitement. Overall, the music feels very natural and home-made. It is as sweet as honey but not as potent as candy.

In addition to the musical component of the song, the verbal component is also unique and complex.

The lyrics of “Overthink” are a double-edged sword.

It is clear that Addison has a lot on her mind—maybe a little too clear.

Her lyrics are relatable as most everyone has had something—or someone—on their mind, especially teenagers. It’s obvious where she is coming from, and the song helps put thoughts into words and then into music.

Most pop songs these days have at least some involvement in romance, and Addison’s self-written verses blend heartache with stress. Being a Gen Z teen herself, Addison can easily connect with her fans and listeners who are fellow Gen Z-ers.

However, Addison is a little blunt about telling us her emotions and internal struggle. The lyrics don’t feel like lyrics; they feel like dialogue. There are no analogies, no figurative language, and nothing left for the listener to discover.

The sentences seem forced.

Fortunately for Addison and her listeners, the peppy humming in between the lyrics lightens the mood and takes away the slap of obviousness. When the lyrics drop off and a background instrumental plays, it adds for the perfect interlude as a break from the quick-moving voice.

On the whole, the credit for this intriguing song should go entirely to Addison and her hard work.

Addison is an incredibly talented musician; she not only sings but also plays the ukulele and writes a large fraction of her performances. She has gained support through her 2.6 million Instagram followers as well as her mass of Tik Tok followers and YouTube subscribers who helped her get her second single on Spotify.

“Overthink” beats out a good chunk of top-chart songs in my opinion, and that’s pretty impressive considering it was written entirely by a 19-year-old. I will be ecstatic the day one of Addison’s songs is played on the radio because that’s exactly what she deserves.

The catchy tune is still playing in my head, and as soon as the song ended on a brief but upbeat note, I wanted to restart it and experience the melody all over again.