Julie and The Phantoms is a kid’s show that took me by surprise


I first started watching Julie and The Phantoms with my younger siblings. When I took a quick glance at the show, it seemed cheesy, annoying, and cliché. However, when I took an even closer look, I noticed it has quite a few funny moments, along with great characters. Though there are a few cliché moments, it’s deeper than I expected. 

Julie and The Phantoms is about a young girl, Julie Molina—played by Madison Reyes, who loves music and is grieving over the loss of her mother. But the cast of characters also includes three boys around the age of seventeen—Alex (Owen Joyner), Luke (Charlie Gillespie), and Reggie (Jeremy Shada)—who have all died and become ghosts. Somehow, Julie has the ability to see them, so the three ghosts and the living girl start a band. The show revolves around both the band and their journey to becoming friends.

The focal point of the show is the connection between the characters. So when the director chose the cast, the chemistry between them had to be believable; and they went above and beyond. The cast plays their characters flawlessly. Their chemistry seems incredibly real; I was shocked at just how amazing the actors are.  

However, I wish there was more time to see the plot thicken; all the problems that arose were solved incredibly quickly, leaving me wanting more to happen. But other than wanting more from the plot, it was spectacular, especially for a kid’s show. 

Dan Cross, David Hoge, George Salinas, Jaime Aymerich, and Kenny Ortega are the executive producers, and they did a beautiful job. The plot, the characters, the sad moments— everything they came up with was shown in an exquisite way. 

There are also quite a few songs in Julie and The Phantoms. The show is comprised of nine episodes, and each episode has a different, unique song. The songs “Unsaid Emily” and “Wake Up”made me cry, and the voices of the actors and the lyrics and the meanings behind them were outstanding. There was so much emotion put into every last song

The people behind the camera are recognized as amazing as well. The people who actually worked the camera timed close-ups and moved between scenes so well that it flowed easily and never left me confused. Another group of amazing people are the hair and makeup crew, who did an astonishing job. Julie’s hair was never seen as boring and her makeup was spot on while filming. The costume designers created inspiring outfits that I wish I owned. There were many loud outfits that peaked my interest, and they were even worn by background characters; Julie isn’t the only one who never looked boring. 

Julie and The Phantoms is a show I will never grow tired of. The songs still re-play in my head, and I truly wish I had a few of the outfits that Julie wears throughout the episodes. Despite the overall plot of the show being just adequate, the actors were so amazing at what they do, and everyone who worked behind the scenes and with the cinematography were astounding. 

I loved it the first time I watched it, and I adored it even more by the tenth time I watched it.