Peach Martine’s new album sparks emotions and is an exhibit of immense talent

Peach Martine’s new album sparks emotions and is an exhibit of immense talent

I had planned on listening to the new Love, Peach album as I finished up some extra homework, but I soon found that it would be impossible to try and take my mind off the short but incredible songs. 

At first, I had my doubts when I heard about Peach Martine’s album from her TikTok account, but she more than proved herself and has absolutely wowed me. 

The mini-album only boasts six songs, each at most a minute long. Peach Martine’s voice is soothing and powerful as she talks over the music in the background. The topics varied considerably with the theme of realization throughout the songs. 

The album starts with a bittersweet note to herself from five years ago. In it, she tells herself what to expect in the future. She switches between sweet little memories like how everyone started calling her Peach and between sadder moments such as her mental health deteriorating. 

The next song, “my dream boy,” is talking about the kind of guy she wants and essentially what boyfriend material looks like to her. It focuses on her list with some simple characteristics I also found myself longing for. Broad shoulders, bright eyes, and someone who says thank you to the waiter after he orders. The music playing under her voice was beautiful and really added to what she was saying; I could perfectly picture the guy she was looking for inside my mind. 

The following song, “prom date,” sounds more like a phone call as if she’s reaching out to a past prom partner who she hasn’t talked to in six months. In it, she asks him about his new girlfriend, telling him she heard she was hot. The melancholic song projects the pain of being left with no explanation. She asks him about love—whether he really meant it when he said I love you to her and whether he’s in love with his new girl. This song made me long for a past love I had never had. I could feel myself questioning whether the love her past beau expressed had been genuine.

As I listened to these incredible expressions of talent, it became clear to me that there was a theme spun through each of these short, emotion-filled songs. The memories of the past and the possibilities of the future were very common themes in this album. The songs would switch between moments in her life that she’s not finished with, ones that deeply affected her, to talk about her hopes for the future. 

The final song “glass” wraps the album up with a moment of self-realization. She compares herself to glass—to shattered glass to be precise. It was the perfect ending to the album and left me in tears.

This album was beautiful, making emotions well up from within myself. I was left crying at the end of this album. I wish I could experience listening to this album for the first time again.