I wish everyone could be as amazing as my sister

I wish everyone could be as amazing as my sister

Grace, my sister is five years older than me, and she’s always been there to take care of me.

When we were younger, she was often tasked with keeping an eye on me while our parents were out grocery shopping or even working late. It couldn’t have been easy—I was a rather rambunctious little boy. Still, she was always there to look after me and make me my favorite snack: ketchup and bologna sandwiches.

I remember every so often that Grace is only her middle name. Her first name is Carolyn, named after my great-grandmother. I always thought this was cool—how Grace has some sort of secret identity. 

She has always been an artistic person in many different ways. From doodles on the back of her homework to taking classes at Kendall College of Art & Design, my sister loves to draw. Her artistic prowess is more than simple scribbles with colored pencils and markers.

Every day, I would walk out of the school doors and see Grace and her friends waiting for me on the playground. Occasionally on our walks home, Grace would ask me what I learned in school that day and then quiz me on it; I got a lot better at my multiplication because of her. When I did well on her quizzes, Grace would regale me with tales of Sir Jack, a brave knight who would go on many adventures to faraway places.

She taught me that not only that it is important to listen to others but to listen to yourself in equal measure.”

Aside from being my unpaid babysitter and personal storyteller, Grace is more than just my sister; she’s my friend. Although not so much when we were little, we got closer we grew older. After all the time we spent together, I think she rubbed off on me. From my taste in music to the books I read, a lot of who I am comes from being her little brother. 

Another part of who I am that truly came from her is how I judge others and how I judge myself. She taught me that you need to listen to people when they are talking, to really pay attention and truly grasp what the other person is trying to say, whether that person is a best friend, significant other, or anyone else for that matter.

She taught me that not only that it is important to listen to others but to listen to yourself in equal measure. Your body knows what it’s doing, so listen to it. When you’re feeling tired, sleep. When you’re hungry, eat something, but it can’t all be burgers and fries. If you have a bad feeling about something or someone, take a break and make sure what you’re doing is the right thing for you and for everyone involved.

Grace is my standard for what a good person is.

When meeting someone new, I say to myself, “What would Grace think of them?” Now, she’s an adult living her own life out in New York, and I miss her so much. Deep down, I know that we will always be close; she’s the Katara to my Sokka and the Mable to my Dipper. Grace, if you’re reading this, I want you to know how much you mean to me and how much we all love and miss you back home. Stay safe, and come home soon.