Senior Alaina Briggs struggles to find time for her love of the outdoors as she pursues her dream career


Alaina Briggs

Alaina Briggs stands under the gorgeous sky.

Senior Alaina Briggs takes any chance she can to be active and outdoors. 

Through competitive horseback riding, hiking, and other activities, Alaina has found an outlet for her need to stay in nature.

Alaina has been riding horses competitively for more than twelve years, beginning after her close friend told her about a barn that she could ride in. Alaina hopes to continue her horseback riding career through college as often as she can. 

“It’ll definitely be pretty easy to still ride in college; in the summer, at least,” Alaina said. “I’ll probably try to be a coach for the equestrian team because all my friends are still on the team, but that depends on how far I go for college.”

Along with horseback riding, Alaina has been an active participant in the FHC rowing team. She started when she was a freshman, beginning after her sister introduced her to the sport. She loves being part of the team and hopes to find time to row in college.

Alaina also likes to kayak alongside rowing, enjoying the river without the competitive aspect.

“I can fit [kayaks] into my Jeep, so I bring them with me,” Alaina said. “Floating down the river is so much fun.”

With both crew and horseback riding taking up her year, Alaina spends most of her year conditioning for sports or playing them. 

“I always condition for the rowing season in the spring,” Alaina said. “I condition for [horseback riding] in the winter, and then the season is in the summer. I try to ride horses during the crew season, but it’s hard.”

Between sports, Alaina tries to find time to go hiking with her friends, family, and three dogs. 

“I like to take my dogs on [hikes] and go to parks with friends,” Alaina said. “[I try to hike] as much as [I can].”

With her busy schedule, it’s hard for her to fit in yet another activity she loves: car trips. Alaina and her family relish any chance they can find to go on Airbnb excursions anywhere from the midwest to the south.

For simple car rides, they prefer to stay within the state, finding an area to camp in tents wherever they can. 

“In the summer, I try to travel as much as I can and go camping [as well as other activities],” Alaina said. 

While she has an adventurous bone in her body, Alaina believes her passion for the outdoors stems from her family.

“I have four siblings and my parents are super outdoorsy,” Alaina said. “[So, I’ve grown up being active].”

Unfortunately, Alaina has stumbled onto a point in her life where she is unable to enjoy the activities she loves as often as she’d like. With college being less than a year away, Alaina is now putting her efforts toward her future. Throughout this year, she is hoping to find an internship as a physician’s assistant to help her pursue her dream career. 

“I’m hoping to be working as much as I can,” Alaina said, “And then get certified.”

Alaina has been interested in the medical field for some time, but before she developed her interest in nursing, she dreamed of being an engineer. 

I always thought my job would [have something to do with] science, technology, and math, but the more I learned about computers and science, the less I enjoyed it.”

— Alaina Briggs

“I always thought my job would [have something to do with] science, technology, and math,” Alaina said. “But the more I learned about computers and science, the less I enjoyed it.” 

Since then, Alaina has developed a love for the medical industry. 

“I really want to be an OBGYN,” Alaina said, “But that’s a lot of [years in] college, so I think I’m going to be a physician’s assistant that specializes in [that field].”

Alaina is still undecided with her future college, although she is considering attending Saginaw Valley—a school on the other side of the state. She is already enrolled in their nursing program and is hoping to receive a large scholarship.

“Last year, I took medical terminology and safety issues in healthcare,” Alaina said. “This year, there’s no college classes; we’re working towards getting our certifications. So we have to do a certain amount of training that’s required to learn skills.” 

Alaina is excited for what the future has to offer. Despite her activeness and love of the outdoors, Alaina is focused on her future and the career she dreams to pursue. Throughout the competitive process of achieving the certifications to become a physician’s assistant, she plans to try and enjoy the activities she loves: hiking, camping, horseback riding, and anything outdoors. 

“I do quite a bit [of outdoor activities] on the weekends,” Alaina said. “I enjoy being outside as much as I can.”