Wanderlust is calling


A picture I took while dreaming about my future home

The urge to flee from everything I know and love has been eerily strong lately.

All I can think about is how I want to leave. I want to go with no end date in sight. I always knew I adored traveling, but this sense of wanderlust has been unmistakable lately. 

I strive to make this feeling dissipate, but no matter how hard I try, I cannot make it fade away. The urge rushes over me when I wake up, wondering what life I could be living right now.

Maybe I could be living in the remote yet captivating regions no one knows of. My only worries being how I will have to pull myself away from the picturesque mountains and the sapphire lakes that find themselves lying in the middle of the beauty, pursuing the true “granola girl” look.

Oh, to leave and be free.”

Fantasizing about realities like these rivals my thoughts of school. I find myself daydreaming about where I could be instead of sitting at an uncomfortable desk. I lose track of my thoughts and begin to adapt to a completely separate world, one where I am not here. 

I would give anything to buy a plane ticket and fly across the ocean and start a completely new life. One where I am centered in a small European town—the ones that seem to be stuck in the tranquil and beautiful past—like the kind pictured in the movies.

Oh, to leave and be free.

Free of everything that seems to be holding me back here. Free of comfort. How I long to acquire feeling the total opposite of comfort. I need something new and uncomfortable, something I know that—even through the discomfort—I will learn to love and will never want to go home. Somewhere I will want to call home.

Maybe one day I will be roaming the bustling cities of somewhere foreign, surrounded by skyscrapers and an incomprehensible amount of busy people. I can only hope my love and need for spontaneity will land me somewhere extraordinary.

I can only hope that maybe one day, these impractical dreams morph into my reality; the wanderlust finally transforms into my life. Maybe one day I will finally feel comfortable where I am and have the honor of calling a new place home. 

As for now, I cannot leave.

As for now, I have to accomplish my goals here, in my comfort zone, continuing my daydream of sitting atop of the clouds with no plan to come back. 

Oh, to leave and be free.