Sol de Janeiro’s products are my skin’s ultimate paradise


(Janeiro, n.d.)

With spring break and the warmer seasons nearing, a perfect spring and summer scent is vital. Sol de Janeiro has changed my body care routine; no product line comes close to this level of moisture and fragrance.

Sol de Janeiro is a brand that preaches body joy and positivity. This cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, paraben-free, and sustainably sourced United States manufactured brand presents true love to the skin and is addictive for those in need of hydration. 

Conveniently, Sephora sells Sol de Janeiro’s entire brand—meaning, no waiting for a package to arrive. Looking through Sephora’s lip products one day, I switched from Bite Beauty’s Agave + Daytime Lip Balm to Sol de Janeiro’s Brazilian Kiss Cupuaçu Lip Butter, and let me emphasize this: I’ll never go back. This lip balm is the ultimate product for hydrated lips. It’s not greasy, it doubles as a lip primer for other products to follow, such as lipstick or gloss, and absorbs into the lips, leaving them soft and smooth. I love everything about this balm; it smells decadent.

Quite honestly, the fragrance of the balm sold me on my next Sol de Janeiro purchases; the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream was the second addition to my collection. This lotion is one of my top beauty secrets. It’s fragmented like a warm dessert, and it really does tighten and smooth my skin. Unlike other moisturizers, I’ve noticed the scent of this cream to actually last on my body, not just wear off fifteen minutes after application. The fragrance notes jasmine petals, almond, pistachio, vanilla, salted-caramel, sandalwood, and more; the consistency is buttery and rich. If vacation was a cream, it would be this product.

If vacation was a cream, it would be this product.”

The Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist was my next buy. At this point, the warm scents and caressing formulations had me sold on the entire brand—there was no going back. I mist this body spray on my wrists, my neck, my hair, my clothes, and my car—I would waft this scent literally anywhere. It’s not too strong like some body sprays; there’s no heavy chemical scent, which I’ve found with body sprays from places like Bath and Body Works. This spray is mild and soft, and the fragrance is enticing, layering salted-caramel and vanilla anywhere and everywhere. I wouldn’t recommend this product for those who don’t enjoy warmer fragrances, but for those who do, this perfume spray is a must-have.

My mom and sister became hooked on these products shortly after I did, and now I have the the Sol de Janerio shampoo, conditioner, perfume, glow oil, and their other line of cream and body spray. 

Let’s talk about the haircare of this line: the Brazilian Joia Shampoo & Conditioner Set. The shampoo and conditioner was my least favorite inclusion of this line. No shade to these products—they just weren’t suited well for my color-treated hair. I bought this haircare line for it’s fragrance, and I won’t lie, my hair smelled amazing. But, my hair has been balayage, and as a cool-toned brunette, I like to keep the color ashier, therefore forcing me to use a purple shampoo and conditioner. In simpler terms, I need hair products that keep my enhanced color from turning brassy. My hair was soft and shiny—these products were definitely formulated well, but just not for me.

To heighten my overall experience with these products, I bought the SOL Cheirosa ‘62, which is the perfume that pairs with the Bum Bum Cream. I can’t stress enough how amazing these products smell. The body spray and perfume smell the same; I bought the perfume because it’s stronger-scented and more long-lasting. This perfume is bottled beautifully—the bottle is glass and the accents to it are gold. I spray this perfume every morning; it’s like paradise.

For those who love a shimmery, tan hue on their skin, the GlowMotions Body Glow Oils are a need. I purchased two of these oils: first, the color, Copacabana Bronze, and second, Rio Sunset. I love both of these oils. Rio sunset is a bit of a lighter shade, but they both apply transparent enough where shade-matching isn’t necessary. I mix the shimmery oils into my lotion or apply straight to my face before putting on makeup for a tan and glowing look. These oils leave my skin with a warm, champagne-colored, bronzed tint, and they complete my body care routine. Soft, shimmery legs for days; I’m obsessed.

Lastly, I experimented with one of Sol de Janeiro’s other scents; I didn’t like this fragrance as much, but the products are still wonderful backups for when I run out of my favorites. The Coco Cabana Cream and Coco Cabana Body Fragrance Mist were the two products I tried. This fragrance notes coconut cream, warm vanilla, tropical orchard, sandalwood, and toasted praline. These products felt the same as the other cream and mist on my skin; however, the scent, in my opinion, was far too sweet. If this scent was thrown into a candle, I think I would get a headache from it burning in my room. Though my sister loves sweet scents, vanilla especially, and she prefers this line. 

Sol de Janeiro did not remotely disappoint. These products are essentials to my spring break packing and summer skincare routine. For the sweetest, most indulging, beauty additions, shop Sol de Janerio.