Mosby’s Popcorn brought a pop of pleasure


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A few of the many flavors of popcorn that Mosby’s has to offer.

The sky was the exact color of my mood: gray, cloudy, and downright unpleasant. However, after being escorted into the small building recently relocated onto Ionia Avenue downtown, my mental clouds quickly dissipated. 

On the front door, there was a clear sign emphasizing that masks are required in the building. My mind was at peace as I saw that everyone working had their masks securely over their noses, something I regret to say I do not see consistently.

The moment I entered Mosby’s popcorn, I was giddy with the excitement of a seven-year-old. Huge glass jars with a variety of gourmet popcorn flavors lined the shelves on the wall behind the counter. 

The moment I entered Mosby’s popcorn, I was giddy with the excitement of a seven-year-old.”

Not only did the shop offer a variety of popcorn, but also racks full of candy. Better yet, the candy wasn’t just the kind found at the grocery store; they offered the retro and odd types of treats. This added to the home-y and quality feel of the shop, making the ambiance much more charming.

Even though the store has pleasant looks, the best aspect was yet to come. I was still a little moody despite my family urging me to be friendlier, but the owners instantly blew any negative emotions away. The couple, who both own and operate the popcorn company, were rays of sunshine. They were extremely friendly, and it didn’t feel like they were putting up a facade to sell their products.

The kind woman at the front managed to tolerate my family’s indecision at all of the wondrous options and was helpful in providing details about each option—something I know that I could not manage.

I am truly inspired by their bravery since they opened their family-run business with the competition of the legendary Pentwater Popcorn looming over them. It is clear to me how hardworking and responsible the two are, since they opened the business themselves, as well as taking many precautions to prevent COVID-19.

After getting our bags of popcorn and waving goodbye to the owners, we headed home to dive into our snacks.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. 

I’m not typically one for gourmet popcorn, so I was skeptical when I opened the bag and popped a piece into my mouth. Mosby’s popcorn—which blew away its competition—pleasantly surprised me.

In an attempt to create a variety, I ordered a bag with half bacon cheddar popcorn and half birthday cake popcorn. The bacon cheddar popcorn, while rich in flavor, was somewhat average. I didn’t dislike it or love it; I could take it or leave it.

On the other hand, the majority of the birthday cake flavored puffs disappeared within minutes. It was extremely addictive as it was sweet but not overpowering and dense, and it wasn’t heavy, either. The crystal crunch of the sugarcoated covering made way for the chewy popcorn base on the inside.

In addition to each getting our own bag of our choice, my family members and I split a bag of cheesecake popcorn. This, of course, did not come without arguments.

Somehow, the cheesecake flavor was actually realistic and present instead of tasting like normal cake and being branded as cheesecake, which I have experienced many times. 

Although the popcorn ranked highly for taste, the cost was fairly low as the sweet popcorn cost $7.00 for a small bag and the savory $5.00. This is around the same price for a small movie theater popcorn, which does not compare to Mosby’s quality.

Mosby’s Popcorn managed to single-handedly change my perspective on gourmet popcorn. No longer do I think of it as off-flavored, chewy particles, but now as scrumptious, flavorful treats.