Just Dance 2021 made me lose all hope in the franchise

The newest Just Dance game that was released.


The newest Just Dance game that was released.

Throughout the last decade, Just Dance has slowly become a popular icon within the younger generation. 

The newest version of Just Dance was released on November 21, 2020, on the Nintendo switch. After purchasing Just Dance 2021, I was ecstatic to see the endless amount of songs that I could dance to until I dropped.

Unfortunately, the base game of Just Dance only consists of 40 new songs; there are options to unlock more choices, but that would mean paying for the extended portion of the game. I begrudgingly made the choice to buy the extension.

After purchasing the expansion—also known as the unlimited pass—it allowed me to access 600 new songs, making the entire game so much more worthwhile to play.

The songs that were unlocked consisted of songs from almost every genre, ranging from upbeat songs to slow ones.

The base game consists of some newer songs such as “Dans van de fardo,” “Flash,” and “Volar,” with a mix of some older songs like “Bailando,” “Get Get Down,” and “Jooneh Khodet.”

I do enjoy the wide variety of songs. However, I just think that it’s absurd that they expect the users to pay extra per month just to unlock a wider variety of songs. 

In just one evening, I was able to play through all the songs the base game provided. It was somewhat disappointing to know that I wouldn’t be able to unlock any more songs unless I paid for the extension. 

I just think that 40 songs aren’t enough to entice the user to buy the extension; perhaps if they provided maybe 50 songs it would draw the user into buying the extended version of the game after enjoying the base game so much. 

I do enjoy the wide variety of songs. However, I just think that it’s absurd that they expect the users to pay extra per month just to unlock a wider variety of songs. ”

If they provided more classic songs from the generation I grew up in, I think that the game would be more popular. I fully understand that they’re trying to stay up to date with the changes of music throughout the years. However, I believe that if the game had more classics from the early 2000s it might seem more enticing for the original generation that grew up playing countless hours of Just Dance.

The franchise seems to be losing its popularity over the past few years, but as a loyal customer of the game, I’m just not as pleased with my purchase which truly disappointed me. I was looking forward to countless hours of dancing like a maniac, but sadly, it didn’t please me.  

I did cave in and ended up buying the expansion for a month which provided hours of fun for me and my entire family. I just wished that they wouldn’t make it feel like we’re missing out on the rest of the game unless we purchase the extension. 

That being said, I was genuinely pleased with the wide variety of songs that were given within the extension; I tried to stay optimistic while weighing the pros and cons of the game, but sadly, the cons seemed to overpower the pros. 

Although Just Dance has been a classic since the original Wii, I think it’s time for the franchise to end before it gets worse. Just Dance will always be a part of my childhood, but I think that it’s time to say goodbye to that part of my life.

Just Dance 2021 just didn’t meet my expectations. I don’t think I’ll be buying any more continuations of the game.