Cascade’s health craze is a benefit for all


As years pass, it seems as though more and more health-conscious people have been emerging from the shadows, whether it be from their new-found love for health inspired by Michelle Obama’s campaigns, Instagram ads, or the hipster vibe. However this health craze started, it seems as though it is here to stay, and that is not a bad thing.

This health conscious epidemic can be seen throughout the country. People have been living healthier lives and influencing their peers. Large corporations have noticed this movement. Companies have started changing ingredients and advertising their changes heavily. Large corporations are not the only ones who are adapting though. Small Cascade/Ada businesses have been adapting as well.

In Cascade, two fairly new health conscious restaurants have popped up. On Forest Hills and Cascade lies two sister restaurants. Sip Organic Juice Bar and Bliss and Vinegar draw in loads of customers who want to ingest a healthy meal or snack.

Sip is a raw juice bar where juices and smoothies are made from scratch. The atmosphere is very upbeat and chill. Not to be stereotypical, but most of the employees carry a hipster vibe; even the drinks are spunky. A large majority of the juices and smoothies are named after pop culture influences such as “Purple Rain,” a blueberry based juice, and “Strawberry Fields Forever.” I am a regular customer at Sip, and I like to change my order up every time I go. So far my top drinks have been “Super Bass,” “Rich Girl” and “Free Fallin.” With such variety in the names of the drinks, each flavor is unique. Some drinks are sour with cilantro, some are sweet with coconut, some are basic with strawberries. While the drinks are vastly different, they have one thing in common: they are all healthy.

Right next to Sip is Bliss and Vinegar. Bliss and Vinegar is known for its fresh salad bar. It is similar to subway with an assembly line style of picking your food. While they may be known for their salads, they have an assortment of other food options including the option to make your meal a wrap. They also have daily soups, a healthy version of chili cheese fries, to-go options as well. The best part about having Bliss and Vinegar right next to Sip is that  you can get a drink and a meal effortlessly. Both restaurants seem to be okay with bringing each other’s products into each restaurant.

It is great that Cascade is adapting to the healthy lifestyle. Even the FHC cafeteria has changed its menu to try to make a positive influence on kids health.  Wherever the health changes may be, they are here and here to stay.