The spring musical


Activity name: The spring musical

Time commitment: Roughly 10 hours a week

Why someone should join: “Joining the musical my freshman year was the best decision I’ve ever made. You get up on stage and sing and dance with some of your closest friends. You get to put on a show for people. Every single person [whether it’s a] jock or band kid or even a theatre kid who joins the musical their senior year has said one thing to me: ‘I wish I would’ve done this all four years.'”

Prior knowledge/experience needed: None

How to sign up: Auditions are held after winter break

Fun facts/words of encouragement for someone weary of joining: “Everyone there is there to support you. No matter what happens, worse comes to worst, your life stays the same. So why not go out and try for something that almost every person that has participated has loved?”

Activity leader: Kyle Black and John Donovan