Chelsea Cutler’s latest album is the perfect collection of songs for long car rides



The album cover for Chelsea Cutler’s album When I Close My Eyes.

I made my second trip down to Bloomington, Indiana this past weekend. 

I toured the red and white halls of the Hogwarts-esque buildings and the landscaped lawns of Indiana University in an attempt to learn more about their journalism program. My trip consisted of watching the Michigan State game, picking out a new red t-shirt to wear to school, and writing my supplemental essay on the drive down.

On the drive back home, I listened to Chelsea Cutler’s latest album, When I Close My Eyes.

The album kicked off with “Forever.” And while this song was decent in terms of my enjoyment of it, I have some grievances with it. Usually, I adore Cutler’s thoughtful lyrics and unique sound, but this sounded like a love song anyone could’ve written. The lyrics were boring and declarations of true love over an average beat. 

As we veered onto the highway, I had low expectations for this album. But, as I continued to listen, I began to collect a list of my favorite lyrics.

“You’re Gonna Miss This,” the last track, was, without a doubt, my favorite. The lyrics hit a part of me that is wishing my high school days away. With lyrics like “We get so used to it that we’re getting jaded//Always want more; I know I’m too impatient//They don’t tell you that you’re gonna miss this,” I can’t help but slow down. 

As we veered onto the highway, I had low expectations for this album. But, as I continued to listen, I began to collect a list of my favorite lyrics.”

Every word Cutler used felt like it added to the experience of the song and made my experience as a listener more enjoyable. The tempo of the song was soft enough to deliver the message gently but lively enough to keep me engaged. 

And while it was a close call, “Someone Else’s Heaven” was my second favorite song on the album. It’s a song about putting everything in our lives into perspective. 

The song itself is upbeat, but the lyrics are hard-hitting and make the message of the song very clear from the first music noted to the last word sung by Cutler—it was a song of gratitude.

Not only did I listen to this album all the way through, but I used this album as the soundtrack for the five-hour car ride back. I was squished between my younger brother and the window of my mom’s car as Cutler played through my earphones and I complained about how cold I was with the air on all the way.  

This album of Cutler’s was unique. With her voice that is irreplaceable and her talent with words, her music is one of a kind. It’s the perfect music to listen to in almost any circumstance with a variety of tempos and moods; it’s perfect for long car rides or even sitting down and writing on nights where the smell of rain still hangs in the air.