Unearthed: A Jessica Cruz Story cured my boredom and satisfied my curiosity

Curiosity flooded my senses as I wandered past the graphic novel section and saw the book Unearthed: A Jessica Cruz Story by Lilliam Rivera.

Usually, I don’t stray from the fantasy genre, but my obsession with superheroes got the best of me. The intriguing art style and short blimps of words allowed me to fly through the book, and I finished in about an hour. 

The story follows a girl named Jessica Cruz as she struggles through high school as an immigrant, fearing I.C.E. every day since she moved from Mexico. The plot of the story is clearly defined through the pages, and the hardships Jessica goes through are heartbreaking; even with the few words used, it was described completely. 

As I breezed through the story, the artistic designs in the pictures caught my eye. I was intrigued by the style of the art and how some details were small and seemed insignificant yet shone brightly. Another aspect I was thrilled to see was that the characters looked like average teenagers and not supermodels with impossible bodies that the media usually tries to depict. 

Another aspect I enjoyed was the history lesson. The story involves the Aztec deities Chalchiuhtlicue and Tezcatlipoca. They help Jessica find who she is and the strength within herself that she needs to keep fighting. It is never answered in the novel how Jessica is involved with the gods, but it is left as just another question that makes me even more excited for the sequel. 

Though the questions kept me intrigued, they also left me confused while reading. Why is it that the gods made their presence known now? On top of that, even more questions swelled in my mind, and though I hope for answers in the next book, I cannot help but wish some were answered within the first graphic novel. 

The intriguing art style and short blimps of words allowed me to fly through the book, and I finished in about an hour.

I have nearly no complaints, and I am thoroughly impressed with how well pictures and a few words can tell a story. It surprised me how captivated I was by the tale of Jessica Cruz. There were no battle scenes or normal superhero shenanigans, but it didn’t even cross my mind to be bothered by that fact. 

This was the perfect time-passing activity, and I am excited for more graphic novel adventures in my future. 

I never realized how captivating the graphic novel genre could be, and I am thrilled I picked up this fantastic fantasy superhero-in-the-making story. 

This short but riveting story kept me on edge of my seat as Jessica’s confidence grew. It was realistic, entertaining, and reminded me why I love superheroes so much. The themes of struggling to stay brave, relying on those around you, and knowing whether or not to trust others were shown in a brilliant way throughout the book. 

I enjoyed the intro to Jessica’s character, the lead to her becoming a hero, and how the story left me with many questions. It definitely made me want to read more stories such as this, and I am joyfully awaiting the next adventure Jessica will embark on. I eagerly await the day the sequel is released.