Jonathan Van Ness’ new show piqued my curiosity



Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness premiered on Netflix this month.

During mid-June—on the way to Colorado Springs for my brother’s wedding—my mother, sister, and I all climbed into my mom’s white Subaru Outback and trekked across four states and a two-hour time change.

Within those hours I spent in the back seat, lulling between sleep and consciousness, I would often awaken to the sound of a podcast echoing through the car speakers. Looking out the window at the fields that passed along the horizon, I’d lose myself in the humourous and frequently educational nature of our entertainment.

The audio that sticks out in unrivaled clarity is Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness.

This podcast—which started in 2015—takes listeners along as its host, Jonathan, educates them on various divergent topics and fields of science. Furthermore, many accomplished and well-educated professionals are brought on to talk with Jonathan and hopefully quell some of their festering curiosities.

I have adored Jonathan since they began co-hosting Queer Eye back in 2018. This show and its hosts have greatly defined who I am and the way I view the world, and by listening to Jonathan’s podcast, I am often reminded of that same poignantly deep emotion.

By converging many contrasting voices and stories, nothing feels flat or one-sided—a characteristic expertly paired with Jonathan’s personality and overall essence.”

It is for this exact reason that when Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness was announced to be turned into a television series on Netflix, my heart skipped a beat. Waiting the seven days between the poster’s debut and the premiere was an excruciating process, one grandly rewarded as I arrived home on Jan. 28th, changed into my puppy dog-patterned pajama pants, and turned on Getting Curious.

Akin to its predecessor, the series follows a different topic in each of its six episodes, all of which are as equally enthralling as the last. From snacks to skyscrapers, every 25-minute episode covers each realm of the topic at hand, fully exploring the voices behind the issue and the many ins-and-outs of its study.

And while the production and overall structure of the show plays a critical role in its overall effect, what I found most touching were the topics themselves. Alongside Jonathan, I felt like I was learning new things and gaining fresh perspectives. Showing up imperfectly but open to education and growth is the theme of Getting Curious—one that I am more than willing to get on board with.

Furthermore, the series covers a diverse and differential platter of fields, mixing comedy with cultivation to create the perfect amalgamation of all things educational. By converging many contrasting voices and stories, nothing feels flat or one-sided—a characteristic expertly paired with Jonathan’s personality and overall essence.

Upon finishing Getting Curious, I found myself already wanting to go back and re-watch each episode over again, something that I desperately search for in each series I consume.

This show is an impeccable collection of issues and subjects, all wrapped up in an easy-to-watch box that left my questions answered, yet simultaneously fueled. Moreover, it would leave any demographic bubbling with even more curiosities, a theme that is ever-relevant to its purpose.