Shifting from baggy layers, streetwear adapts to the upcoming months


Madi Evans

My personal streetwear style from the winter months

March is what one would call a transitional period. Decorated sidewalks all about, tulips emerge from the ground, and buds expand throughout the once bare trees. It’s almost as though the dead are re-emerging in a new spirited life form.

Alo Yoga

April showers bring May flowers and a large sum of money on my mom’s credit card. I don’t associate spring with new life, but rather a new wardrobe. Times have changed though, and I no longer live in tight leggings and skirts. Baggy jeans, submerging hoodies, and wide-legged sweatpants have stolen my heart and shoved it into the fashion category of streetwear. When the temperatures skyrocket, for me, it’s either buy a new wardrobe or end up attaining heat stroke.

Street style is something difficult to translate into spring and summer. Based upon layering and edgy statement pieces, there’s so much room for error in this transformation period. But in the absolute worst-case scenario, the big-top-little-bottoms scenario converts you to 2019’s worst enemy: a VSCO girl.

To avoid this altercation, throw out the big-top-little-pants outfit and swap the order around. Alo Yoga’s Accolade Sweat Shorts are sure to provide an original base bottom to any outfit. Still having that fleece inside for comfort, my hot take on these shorts compared to everyone else’s is that they are so adorable. Paired with a tight tank top, these pants lay nicely on any body type, and add a casual yet classy edge many desire to have.

Inaka Power

It wouldn’t be a big-bottoms-little-top outfit without either a cute baby tee or minuscule ribbed tank top. I’ve found the best summer tanks to be from Urban Outfitters, and tees from PacSun have my entire heart. In addition to purchasing from new, the little boy’s section from thrift stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army have the cutest small tops for extremely affordable prices. 

Jersey shorts are also essential to streetwear fashion, and Inaka Power has the absolute best ones. Although mostly worn into the gym, I predict these bottoms will quickly begin being popularized and seen all over this upcoming spring and summer. With color washes I’ve never seen before on this style of short like baby pink, electric blue, and even neon Hawaiian print, they are absolutely to die for.


Of course, this wouldn’t be one of my stories without a sick pair of summer shoes. I always end up frolicking around barefoot in the summer, but this year with my amped-up shoe collection, my toes will always be concealed. 

Set to drop on the 24th of March, my calendar is set to buy the Nike Air Jordan 1 Lows that seem to be unnamed. Similar to the UNC’s but with a lighter colorway, these pastel beauties are the approaching seasons too.

Regardless of if your wardrobe has a casual and edgy street style or is more simplistic and basic, all of these products are a must for the transition to warmth. For me at least, my mom’s credit card won’t know what hit her.