Cute and affordable swimwear that won’t break your bank account


Blackbough Swim

A collage of cute and fun patterned swimwear from Blackbough Swim

With summer approaching in the near future, our brains become swarmed with burning sun and beaches galore as the idea of a summer wardrobe is upon us all. Not necessarily skirts and trendy tops or sandals and new sunglasses, but swimsuits. 

I am a sucker for buying bikinis, but recently the only ones I’ve been able to find are either ugly, extremely expensive, or have horrible quality. Brands like Aerie and Hollister sell the same items each year in slightly different colors, but news flash, the silhouettes they produce are so out of style. Websites like Triangl or Frankies Bikinis, although super adorable and flattering, are way out of budget for everyone. And of course, the only place to buy cute and affordable bikinis is Shein, where the quality is trash. 

So, as the search for summer swimwear continues, I have three websites that I could spend all my money on. The first one being Blackbough Swims. An environment-friendly brand based in the Philippines. With funky and imaginative prints, their suits are my all-time favorite.

Their full-price items are still a bit pricey, but Blackbough’s sale section is a diamond in the rough. Although the final sale is a bit scary, the size charts they provide are almost 100 percent accurate, and it’s totally worth it. The quality of Blackbough’s swimwear is perfect–thick, seamless, and comfortable. There are many different styles of bikini tops and bottoms to pick from, and each one looks amazing on every body type.

don’t break the bank on expensive swimwear that doesn’t live up to the quality you are paying for”

Next up is one of my all-time favorites: O’Neill. Although more catered towards the “active,” portion of swimwear, O’Neill is immensely underrated. From wetsuits and one-pieces to men’s swim trunks and bikinis, they have aquatic attire for every situation. Selling at many retailers, such as surf shops, or even on their own website, you can buy O’Neill everywhere. 

It’s not much of an underrated brand, but more so a fan favorite that has such adorable suits at a wide range of affordable prices. Since O’Neill originated as a brand for surfers, the products they produce are of a very high standard of quality. The issue of bottoms sliding down or tops untying isn’t an issue at all with this brand. Although I may be a bit biased, as I have been fiending over O’Neill’s swimsuits and their playful patterns for a while now, they are one of the top swimwear brands out there with a good price and amazing quality. 

Lastly, although it isn’t categorized as a “brand,” TJMAXX has the best swimwear. Not only is it my favorite store in the entire world, but when spring rolls around and they put the swimsuits on the floor, I feel the need to buy everything. Carrying brands from Patagonia to Dippin Daisy to Michael Kors, they have every loved brand at very low prices. It’s essentially a one-stop-shop for all your favorite brands at discounted prices. And, you are still getting the quality and cute patterns you desire. 

Regardless of if you spend your summer at the beach, pool, lake, or even just tanning, don’t break the bank on expensive swimwear that doesn’t live up to the quality you are paying for.