Would you choose or die?

Choose or Die movie poster


Choose or Die movie poster

In our everyday lives, we don’t normally think about every tiny decision that we make, but what if we had someone controlling our decisions? What if we were responsible for the lives of others? 

On April 15th, the movie Choose or Die was released for all Netflix watchers to enjoy. Based on a scary idea, a young adult is faced with numerous life decisions. Throughout the film, the broke student, Kayla (Lola Evans), spends a lot of time playing an old video game, and that game would soon consume the people she loves and grasps ahold of their lives. 

As I watched curled up in a blanket, my reaction to the movie was thrilling. At first, I was on edge about watching two young coders be controlled by what they were most knowledgeable about, but I eventually sank deeper into the couch. 

When we walk through life, every opportunity, little decision, the things we take for granted, and even the basic things that we do in our daily routine, is part of the path that we write for ourselves.”

The opening of the movie started with a flashback of how the video game came to be: Picture the lights dimmed low, huge drops of rain pelting against the window. Not a sound in the house, only the light breathing rushing out of my mouth. The loudspeakers boom as the T.V. goes black–all of a sudden 80s music starts playing. At that moment, I could already feel my heart race as I watched an old man (Eddie Marsan) respond to the machine sitting in front of him. The final words on the computer read “choose or die.” 

The film’s plot had me covering my eyes, but I wanted to keep them pried open so I didn’t want to miss the action. Kayla answered these daring questions left and right, alternating her own reality–she was living her worst nightmare. Kayla was visiting her loved one’s funeral. From behind her screen, she didn’t have many options that wouldn’t hurt or kill someone. 

In the real world, I felt like I connected to Kayla; she was learning to make tough decisions in such a short amount of time, and I was able to understand some of her pressure. When we walk through life, every opportunity, little decision, the things we take for granted, and even the basic things that we do in our daily routine are a part of the path that we write for ourselves. We can’t get back the minutes we waste, and Kayla was unable to waste a single second thinking about what would keep her friends safe. She had one responsibility: to choose or die. 

Through all the creepy music and scary scenes, I was always engaged with the movie’s plot. I didn’t find myself getting up for a snack or using the bathroom while watching it; I sat all bunched up waiting for the answer Kayla would type on her computer screen. 

I’m not usually a fan of thriller movies, but I would definitely watch this again if I had to. The cinematography was excellent and made the movie come to life. If you have a little time to relax and don’t like scary movies, then maybe watch a more laid-back movie, but sometimes life needs a little more thrill and this movie is perfect for that.