Teleties are an essential addition to the business and fashion worlds



A picture of an abundance of Teleties that all look amazing

If you frequently visit the site, then you will recognize the name Teleties. Madi Evans has written reviews on their astounding hair ties, but she has yet to dive into the start of the business. So, I thought I could do my best to explain why Teleties is amazing for more than just their endearing hair ties that double as bracelets. 

Teleties was started by a mother, Lindsay Muscato. She was angered by the lack of a good-quality hair ties that had everything she was in need of. This led to her doing multiple tests and creating many prototypes. She has now created a waterproof, stretchy, strong, and non-ripping hair tie.

Muscato’s business grew as Teleties became public knowledge, and she was even chosen as one of the Orlando Business Journal‘s 2022 Women Who Mean Business. An idea that started as a busy mom and a few friends in a garage is now a large business working out of a warehouse, continually selling millions of hair ties. 

Moscato was able to grow and spread Teleties through social media—she used platforms, such as Instagram, to inform others that there is a new kind of hair tie—one that won’t damage your hair and works as a bracelet as well. They are constantly coming out with new merchandise, typically a new collection for every season. They are also starting to partner with large corporations such as Coca-Cola, which is a sign of their growing influence. 

These hair ties are absolutely stunning and creative. I won’t dive into each pack as Madi’s story already covers them, but I will comment on how much I love every Teletie I own. I am proud to be able to help a business started by a mother in her garage, and Muscato gives back to the community through an organization called FORCE

I am proud to be able to help a business started by a mother in her garage”

FORCE stands for Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered. This is a non-profit organization that attempts to better the lives of people and families affected by hereditary breast, ovarian, and other such cancers. Muscato’s family has been affected by hereditary cancer, one being the BRCA1 mutation. So, she found it of utmost importance to bring more awareness and give back to non-profits such as FORCE. 

Teleties and other businesses like it are essential; they give back to the community, provide jobs, and give consumers a wide variety of places to shop for new inventions. Small businesses are essential to the economy, and when they give back, it makes it even more important to help the business grow. 

I would highly recommend Teleties to anyone who is in need of an intriguing and creative addition to their daily style. In addition to the boost in looks, you will be able to help a small business grow, and by purchasing Teleties, you bring more awareness to hereditary cancers. In the end, I see no downfalls to purchasing a set—or three in my case—of Teleties.