Addy Scholtens finds a passion for nursing through the irony of her last name.


Addy Scholtens

A photograph of senior Addy Scholtens.

Senior Addy Scholtens finds it funny every time she is asked if she is related to Human Anatomy teacher Chad Scholten. Although they have similar (but not the same) last names, there is no relation; however, it is ironic that the class Scholten teaches led Addy to have an interest in the medical field. 

Although Addy’s original interest in her future was business, she is grateful to have taken a science class her junior year because it really helped her confirm what she wanted her major to be in college. 

“I took Mr. Scholten’s Human Anatomy class last year,” Addy said. “It opened my eyes to the medical field and then I realized that I wanted to do nursing. I think going into it I took it to help me decide if it was something that I liked or didn’t like at all and so after I took [the class]  it solidified my answer.”

Along with Addy’s interest in nursing, outside of school, she is currently working a very fulfilling job at Ada’s Fruition—a smoothie and açaí shop.

From doing team bonding exercises with her co-workers to interacting with customers, working at Fruition is something that truly brings Addy joy. 

“I really like the girls that I work with,” Addy said. “It’s not a very stressful job, [a] majority of the time you get a lot of regulars [and] I see a lot of people from school there so it’s nice to say ‘hi’ and chat for a second.” 

Although it’s nice being able to meet new people and create new friendships, every now and then Addy does catch herself having an awkward interaction with a customer. 

“I feel like there’s the occasional awkward interaction where you know someone’s face but you don’t know their name,” Addy said. “I’ll always be like ‘oh yeah I’ll have that right out for you,’ because we’re supposed to ask for their names, but if I don’t know I just don’t ask because I don’t want to make them feel awkward.” 

But the memories that stick out most to her stem from the group activities that she gets to do with her manager and co-workers. 

I’ve been ready to go to college since I was a junior. As soon as this year is over you have to get everything done and take initiative to do it yourself.

— Addy Scholtens

“[My co-workers and I] went to Grand Haven together this summer,” Addy said. “We [also] did a little Halloween party last year where we all dressed up. I dressed up as a pineapple because we’re like a fruit store.”

Being able to work with her friends has not only allowed her to grow and strengthen those friendships but also gives her something productive and fun to do to break up her everyday cycle—something that Addy is very grateful for. 

“Some days you would walk in and you’d be having a bad day,” Addy said. “ [But] by the end of the shift you’d be having a great day because the people are so nice there. Sometimes [I] will walk in with Starbucks for [my co-workers] or I would go out and get brunch with them before or after shifts.”

 But with all the weight that comes with senior year with applying to colleges while doing school work, if there is anything that Addy has learned throughout the entire process, it would be the importance of independence. 

“I’ve been ready to go to college since I was a junior,” Addy said.“As soon as this year is over you have to get everything done and take initiative to do it yourself and not rely on [your] teachers and  parents to always keep up with your entire life.”

This year Addy plans to apply to six colleges both in-state and out-of-state but wants to ensure that wherever she goes is the right fit for her.

“Originally I always wanted to go out of state,” Addy said. But I think relooking at that I’m kind of leaning towards staying in-state now because like out of state is farther away from my family.” 

Although Addy will miss all the important memories encapsulated within the four-year timeline of her high school career, there is no other school where she would have wanted to create those experiences and she only hopes that going forward every other high schooler will feel the same way when they attend FHC. 

“I would say that [FHC] is one of the best schools that you can go to,” Addy said. We have some really great teachers that are willing to put in the extra work to help you succeed.