Does Everyone Really Have to Watch Rouge One?


Jake Standerfer, Editor in Chief

I have never prided myself in being a Star Wars fan. Regardless, when Star Wars movies are released, I still feel obligated to watch them. However, with the release of Rouge One, I questioned the urge to see yet another installment in the now annual franchise.

What reason is there to see the new Star Wars movie? Does the fact that it’s a Star Wars movie make a watching necessary? The movie certainly isn’t too critically acclaimed, and cast diversity seems to be its biggest merit, but audiences are still flocking to near record breaking extents to see the movie. Why?

There’s almost a societal obligation to watch Star Wars films. It’s shocking when someone reveals that that haven’t seen all of the films in the series, and quite surprising when someone isn’t planning on seeing the new releases. Quite an amount of people have approached me asking whether or not I have seen or plan to see Rouge One, and all are puzzled when I say I have no intent to see it.

When they were released, the original three movies inflated cinematic scope. Storytelling was undeniably redefined by the trilogy, and this showed in the tens of millions of fans the series garnered. However, Star Wars now has evolved into a commercial empire, similar to that of the Empire within the movies.

Since Disney made their purchase of Star Wars, the franchise has began to take a disheartening form. Similar to the Marvel universe, it appears Star Wars movies will be churned out on a yearly basis now. And in addition to old, classic characters, a new cast of characters will also be revealed over time.

For Disney, this allows an incredible opportunity to not only make money from the movies, but also from merch and amusement attractions. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with capitalizing on nostalgia with such a textbook name, but I’m not inclined to support such a franchise just out of societal expectation.

So, I’d advise, before going out and spending $10, ask yourself if you really must see the new Star Wars.