The Watcher displayed a thick plot that made me pay attention to every little detail


“The Watcher” in front of 657 Boulevard

Netflix is truly popping off right now, and The Watcher is part of that.

From the amazing acting to the twists and turns of this show, I truly believe that this is the best Netflix has done in a while. 

And being based on a true story makes it even more shocking. 

The episodes are long—about 45 minutes each—but I really haven’t watched a show in a while that doesn’t have 45-minute episodes, and even though they are 45 minutes, I found it completely worth it in the end. There are seven episodes, but each one is filled with action and suspense, and in every way worth the binge. 

I do have to say that when watching, it is the most important thing to pay attention to every single detail, even from the moment they are viewing 657 boulevards. 

The Brannocks lived in New York City where Nora Brannock’s—the mother—business for sculpture was. The Brannocks find their dream home in Westfield which is said to be “the safest town” apart from the city they used to live in, but to purchase the house, they had to put up every cent they had, and it was worth it for the beautiful home, but only for the first day.

In the first episode, after purchasing the house, at the morning breakfast table, Ellie Brannock, the eldest child, opened a letter from the mail pile. Inside was a letter from “The Watcher” stating how the family didn’t know the history and they would most definitely be watched by whoever was claiming to be “The Watcher.” The letter had a mysterious and threatening tone to the point that it scared Nora and Dean Brannock into driving to the local police station to open a new case. 

Throughout the seven episodes of this mini-series, I was always left wondering who “The Watcher” was. Every twist of the plot made me re-think my claim about The Watcher. Even the story as a whole kept turning to the point I did not know who was telling the truth and who was fibbing to watch out for themselves.  

As more information kept becoming discovered, the plot thickened greatly every time, helping to grow that familiar feeling of bewilderment.

This mini-series is based on a true story that took place in June of 2014 when a family purchased a home and were very excited to start a new chapter in their life until they started getting very threatening and mysterious letters, as did the Brannocks. I do not know which parts of the story are from the actual event that took place, but I do know that it gave me a discomforting feeling that some people will actually do that. 

Even though I was feeling discomforted by that thought I still enjoyed the mini-series very much.