Tom Odell’s most recent album is a musical masterpiece


During the COVID-19 shutdown, I was constantly bored. I would do just about everything and anything possible to keep me busy. One thing I did a lot of was listen to music. I would scroll through my phone, searching for a song to listen to on repeat, and after searching forever, I found the song “Another Love” by singer/songwriter Tom Odell. It became my favorite song and was constantly playing. So when I found out that Odell had a brand new album, Best Day Of My LifeI decided that it was a requirement that I listen to it.

The first time I listened through the album, I thought that it was moderate, but after I took the time to really listen to each song and value the talent in each one, I decided that the album could easily fall under the category of my favorites.  

Track 1: “Best Day of My Life”

“Best Day of My Life” was released before the rest of the album almost seven months ago. This is one of the songs I prefer on the album. It explains him looking for a light in the dark and for the good. It’s a very calming song, but it barely has a climax and stays relatively steady. 

Track 2: “Sad Anymore”

This song, like “Best Day of My Life,” has a very steady tone. It is a repetitive song, repeating the lines, “I don’t wanna be sad anymore,” and, “look at all the happy people,” the entire time. Although it doesn’t have much to it, the track is very emotional. It captures the feeling of everything and everyone being put together while you are falling apart.

Track 3: “Sunrise___”

“Sunrise___” is an instrumental song that is only a minute long. It’s a very tranquil song consisting mostly of piano. It doesn’t seem to fit with the album until a later track.

Track 4: “Just Another Thing We Don’t Talk About”

“Just Another Thing We Don’t Talk About” starts off slow-paced and speeds up as the song progresses. It’s one of my favorites and one of the featured songs on the album. It was stuck in my head after I listened to it, and I found myself wanting to listen to it repeatedly. I felt so connected to the song, and it was pleasing to listen to. Throughout the song, Odell sings about trying to fix something that can’t be fixed. 

It captures the feeling of everything and everyone being put together, while you are falling apart.

Track 5: “The Blood We Bleed”

“The Blood We Bleed” is another song with a steady tone throughout. I enjoyed the beginning of the song, but as it continued on, my interest was lost. It’s one of the songs where the only reason I listen to it repeatedly is because of one part like the beginning or climax. Most of the song doesn’t have much to it. 

Track 6: “Giving a F**k”

This song is exceptionally composed. When I first started listening to the song, I expected the lyrics to be sung at a different beat, but when I heard the lyrics begin, it was almost like they didn’t match the music, yet still fit perfectly. “Giving a F**k” sounds so aesthetically pleasing. The lyrics explain not really caring about life anymore, because so much has already happened. 

Track 7: “Librium”

“Librium” is the second acoustic track on the album. It is composed of only piano, and although it is very simple, it’s pleasing to listen to. The piano keys go up and down in key the whole song. Although it’s, once again, repetitive, “Librium” puts me into a fantasy world where I can see someone playing the music for me, on a piano, in an empty yet peaceful room. It is a perfect song for when I need to calm down and not think about anything.

Track 8: “Flying :))”

I knew I would like this just by looking at the title. There was no real reason why, I just had a feeling. I was right and ended up finding the song relatable and pleasant. “Flying :))” talks about having a peak of happiness in the middle of a bad time. 

Track 9: “Enemy”

In “Enemy,” I could really hear the beauty in Odell’s voice. His dramatic singing makes the whole album magnificent, particularly in this song. “Enemy” voices a situation where a past relationship falls through. At the end of the track, there is a piano solo. The solo is somewhat unexpected, but a great touch to close the song. 

Track 10: “Monday”

My favorite part of “Monday” is the instrumental base. The piano sounds perfect, calming, and satisfying. The lyrics really showcase what life is like when losing someone important. The song is another one of Odell’s masterpieces.

Track 11: “___Sunset”

“___Sunset” is the corresponding part to “Sunrise___.” It is, once again, completely instrumental, and is the third song on the album. Similar to “Sunrise___,” it is just over a minute long. It’s hard to explain, but the song gives off a closing feeling. After listening to it, I feel like I’m satisfied with life. 

Track 12: “Smiling All The Way Back Home”

The album could not be wrapped up any way other than “Smiling All The Way Back Home.” It precisely lives up to the saying, “Save the best for last.” Although it continues Odell’s trend of calm and relaxed, it has more of a build-up to it and the beat differentiates more than his other songs. It tells the story of having a good moment in life that was enjoyable and holding onto that memory for happiness. 

Tom Odell has many fantastic songs, even if they aren’t quite like the songs you’d hear on the radio. His talent and style are unique and memorable. Best Day Of My Life is a music industry achievement and worth taking the time to listen to.