It’s time for the College Football Playoffs to be revamped

Its time for the College Football Playoffs to be revamped

Many know that the College Football Playoff Committee has dealt with controversy over the past few years with its playoff format. But how can they change such a monumental playoff structure?

There are a few ways that I have come up with to help incorporate more teams into the playoffs to create more surprise teams and upsets, but also allow the true teams to still shine.

One way the college football committee could improve its playoff system is by changing the bowl system and making the bowl games playoff games and limiting the amount to make them more entertaining. This has actually been an idea that’s been circulating college football for a while. The playoff committee would cut the number of bowl games to possibly 10. This would make the bowl games more viewed and more competitive, because teams will be fighting and scratching to play in them. It seems like in today’s game, every team is playing in a bowl game when almost every team shouldn’t even be there. This would allow the top 20 teams in the nation to battle it out in highly-competitive bowl games, but then also have their chance to work to the college football championship. This would make more teams work harder during the year and give more teams a chance to show and prove they deserve to win championships when playing on the biggest stage.

This would make more teams grind harder during the year and give more teams a chance to show and prove they deserve to win championships when playing on the biggest stage.”

Another way would be following a selection style, like March Madness in college basketball. Obviously, there are fewer teams than 64 in this, so they would have 24 teams. It would increase the college football season by making it longer, which will give players who may have dealt with injuries the ability to come and play for their team and make a statement in the playoffs. By doing a selection day, it would create a more positive atmosphere for fans guessing who will get what seed and who they will play. It gives teams who are not in the top 25—but played potentially one the hardest schedules—a chance to make the playoffs, because the committee has to go by every stat. It will also prove to fans which teams are the real deal by playing more games and harder competition as the rounds go on but allowing more teams who are deserving of a chance to compete for the college football title.

Another idea would be to create super conferences: take every team in Division 1 football, and then spread them out among 10 conferences and stack some great teams in conferences with some not-so-great teams and see how that plays out. You might get a conference with 4 top-25 teams, but the catch is each conference gets 2 teams every year for the playoffs. Their schedule would also increase to accommodate how many teams are in their conference, but it would make for drama every year and potential upsets.

These are just a few of my takes on how to improve the College Football Playoff Committee and its format. The way they do it now has way too many flaws and gaps in their system that also make it biased and unfair to teams. These could and would help give teams with potential the final push they need to show they are the real deal. It also opens the playoff up to way more teams.

The college football playoff needs to be revamped and improved and it needs to start right now. Whatever outrageous or crazy scheme they pull together needs to go into effect as soon as possible.