The college football change fans have been looking forward to


Finally, after many years of asking and begging from fans and teams around the nation, the committee has finally listened, and change is coming very soon.

I have been waiting and waiting for so long for the college football committee to finally change the playoff format.”

I’ve been watching college football ever since I was born, and I loved watching college more than pros. I’ve always rooted for the University of Michigan, but I watched any game I could. But, one thing that always disappointed me was the lack of teams in the playoffs. It always needed more to showcase the talent of teams.

When the new expansion for college football was announced this past weekend, I was very excited. Even though it won’t be until 2024, there will be more teams; it definitely gives fans something to look forward to and be excited for. It seems like fans were dwelling on the same thing every year: teams that were always right there had no hope, because the system only took four teams. But now, every year from 2024 and on, fans from the dominant six teams will have hope and excitement for the playoffs.

This change is only positive for the existence of college football. I recently wrote about how something needed to be done with the way college football was heading. I feel like giving 12 teams a chance instead of four only helps make things more interesting—more room for upsets, more opportunities for fans to cheer on their team, and I feel like it just brings the whole college football community together, because the season is expanded a little and more games.

This also helps eliminate some of the pointless bowl games. For years, top teams in the nation who just narrowly missed the cut for the playoff have been subjected to play in worthless bowl games. These games are just filler games leading up to the playoffs and games for TV stations to air a game and fill space with something somewhat interesting, and for the college football committee to make more money. The more playoff games now make the games actually worth the watch and wait, because they ultimately lead to the national championship. This, again, helps boost everything involved and associated with college football, because people will want to watch these once-worthless bowl games that will soon be playoff games. 

At the end of the day, all of the other college football fans in America and I dwell on the new change with many varying opinions and emotions. I hope and feel there will be nothing but amazing results that will come out of the new change. There have been many points and ideas throughout the past few years that have been proposed, but everything has been constantly turned down. But, this is finally the hope and spark fans needed. This will forever change the way college football is played. Expect more drastic endings and upsets. There will be more rivalries, more controversy, and more passion displayed throughout the season than there has ever been. This is what every sports fan dreams of: more everything, and college football has finally received the change they were looking for.