Tree Hut shea sugar scrubs are the perfect addition to any routine


I’ve always been fascinated by inedible things that look extremely appetizing—from erasers to sea glass, I have to restrain myself from popping one into my mouth. During my time on TikTok, I have found that I am not alone in these odd interests, but I have also found a new example: sugar scrubs.

Because of both the aesthetic appeal and usefulness of the product, the next time I made my way to Target with a friend, we decided to pick up a few containers. Although the body butter was a tempting option, I settled on a scrub instead because of the exfoliating properties.

Purely based on the scent and the packaging, I picked out the Tree Hut coconut lime shea sugar scrub. As one of their staple products, the scrub was a good introduction to the Tree Hut brand as a whole.

For starters, the scent of the sugar scrub was fantastic. Although it was on the sweeter side, which I’m usually not a huge fan of, it wasn’t overpowering or sickly. Instead, I was instantly transported to a beachside cabana beside several palm trees. The coconut lime pairing was daring but ultimately very successful.

However, my absolute favorite part of the shea sugar scrub was the texture. It wasn’t overly abrasive yet still performed its job of exfoliating the skin. Additionally, the substance was very spreadable while being holdable long enough as well.

Because I was so satisfied with my first Tree Hut sugar scrub, I went back for seconds. This time, I went for the other product that had previously caught my eye, which was the watermelon version of what I had purchased before. This one also bragged about its hydrating properties, so I was even more enthused about my second scrub.

I could hardly wait to finish the container of my first scrub before prying open my second. When I finally opened up the watermelon scrub, I was pleasantly surprised by the smell. I dislike the smell and taste of watermelon candy, and this was exactly what the smell of the scrub was, yet it was somehow lighter and far more enjoyable.

On top of this, the contents of the scrub were positively captivating. As I said earlier, it was extremely tempting to take a taste. It looked exactly like blended watermelon, from the color and texture to the little seed-like particles included. Despite being slightly behind in scent, the composition of this scrub far beat out the first.

On the other hand, one thing that both of these scrubs excelled in was being non-irritating. I have extremely sensitive skin, so I was worried about either the scent or the texture triggering some type of reaction. However, the scrubs had the complete opposite effect.

After use, my skin was noticeably softer and less irritated than usual after showers. Because of all of the benefits with essentially zero drawbacks, I always have to limit myself to only two days of scrub per week so I don’t over-exfoliate, but these Tree Hut products are extremely difficult to resist.