I hated everything about Everything, Everything

I hated everything about Everything, Everything

I hated everything about this book.


Everything, Everything written by Nicola Yoon seemed like it could have been published straight from Wattpad. The book consisted of mediocre writing with a very creative story line (that is way to “out-there” to be believable).

The story centers around a teenager, Madeline, who has been confined to her hospitalized house by her mom, nurse, and tutor. She has been trapped in her house because she has been diagnosed with a disease that essentially makes her allergic to the outdoors.  As any young adult novel goes predictably, a cute and curious bad boy moves in next door. He and Madeline instant message (even though that is so 2000’s) and she somehow builds up enough angst, curiosity to leave her home with the boy and travel the world that kills her.

The only part of this book that I enjoyed was the huge plot twist at the end. It almost, almost, made the book not a waste of my time. I do have to give Yoon credit for coming up with the twist, that had to take some very creative brain power.

The worst part of the book was the quality of the writing, and that is the most essential part to any book. The writing is good, for a middle schooler. The simplistic writing has no complex and intriguing words and Yoon attempted to make up for the crappy writing by adding pictures to the book. They were supposed to add to the book, but it took away and distracted.