Go Orange Week Announcement

Go Orange week is a fundraising week for Kids Food Basket. There will be blue buckets at lunch every day next week, and the fundraiser is a competition between FHC, FHN, and FHE.


Dress-up days:

Monday: Pj day

Tuesday: Farmer day

Wednesday: Trash bag day

Thursday: Biker vs Surfer day

Friday: Orange out



Monday: Dodgeball game in the FHC Gym from 6-8 pm. Sign-up in the lunchroom.

Tuesday: Quiz bowl in the FHN Auditorium from 7-8 pm. Sign-up in the lunchroom.

Wednesday: Bag day. Every student throughout the district will be decorating brown paper bags. The district-wide goal is 15,000 decorated bags.

Thursday: Cracker battle. Each class has designated crackers to bring in, and it’s a competition to see which class can bring in the most.

Freshmen – Goldfish

Sophomores – Cheez-its

Juniors – Goldfish

Seniors – Cheez-its

Friday: School assembly.