The upcoming spring fashion trends are just not it


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A collage of some upcoming spring freshman trends

Spring is coming, and with it comes warmer weather and brighter colors. 

When I think of spring I think of pastels paired with white: clean but bright. I do not only look forward to spring because of the temperature but because of the outfits that come with the season. 

Springs outfits are, in simple words, fun. 

Floral patterns come around because of the blooming flowers and other wildlife that are starting to pop up now that the snow has melted. It symbolizes a new life; we are done with the cold, harsh winter and are slowly emerging into a new season of our lives with new and warmer struggles. 

Pastels are also linked to flowers; the bright petals fall onto a simple blouse and allow it to stand out. The pastel palette can also be attributed to the Easter holiday that is usually characterized by pink and yellow pastels. 

Florals and pastels are typically matched with something white whether it be top or bottom. This allows for a crisp and well-put-together look. I simply adore a floral dress with white shoes—it just screams spring. I also love a pastel skirt with a white top and a pair of sneakers. 

Fashion trends are constantly evolving, but as I recall, pastels, florals, dresses, and skirts have always filled up the closets of many people during this rainy season. Though there are predictions for a new type of spring fashion, I may have to stick with the old trends.

Sheer is in style. I personally would not wear sheer tops, but I admire the confidence and how it looks on other people. Sheer tops can be matched with leather pants or a pair of baggy jeans, both of which are in Vogue right now as well. One downside to sheer tops is that they remind me of the brother from the movie 50 First Dates

Another trend I will not partake in this spring is denim on denim or, as my mom calls it, a Canadian tuxedo. It is not as bad if you wear two different-toned denims, but, still, it looks trashy. I would much rather see a denim skirt paired with a cute top or a cute top or a jean jacket with a skirt. There are other better options to turn to. 

One trend I may give a shot is maxi skirts. They seem to truly encompass spring as they are typically floral patterned. They scream cottage-core and are simply so cute. They can also be paired with a wide variety of tops making them very versatile; they can be dressed up or down. 


A trend that is more for the older generation that I have mixed feelings about is oversized blazers. Honestly, they look somewhat sloppy and just like you bought the wrong size, but I can see how if styled correctly they may appear trendy and chic. 

 Obviously, this is all just my opinion and everyone should wear whatever they feel comfortable in, but I am not impressed by the upcoming fashion trends. These items of clothing will not be appearing in my closet; I will stick with my florals, pastels, and dresses, and maybe add in a maxi skirt.