’90s fashion is making a comeback in trends


90’s super models Kate moss (left) and Naomi Campbell (right) showing off their iconic 90’s fits

Although the poofy permed hair straight out of a ’90s commercial has not remade an appearance (thank God), I have noticed many ’90s trends plastered on the front covers of magazines making their way to headlines from companies like Vogue all the way to Vanity Fair. 

There’s no doubt that the clothes I’ve seen my mother wear in her old pictures have surprisingly stayed in trend all these years. 

Take high-rise jeans, for example. In the early 2000s, low-rise jeans were all the rave, and the thought of high-rise pants would have given Paris Hilton a stroke. 

However, with new trends coming into play in new generations, the ’90s has made its booming return. Within the past couple of years, I’ve found high-rise pants, popularized in the ’90s, making a return and personally the only kind of pants I own now. 

With new trends coming into play in new generations, the ’90s has made its booming return.

Another trend and my personal favorite is big fluffy blowout hair. I like to refer to this look as the “Rachel Green” look as her character popularized the style in the ’90s on the show Friends. This hairdo gives the effortless look of voluminous hair while keeping it soft and silky, and thanks to modern-day TikTok influencers, this hair has become popularized once again, and I’m not mad about it. 

Another personal favorite I could drool over is platform shoes. Although they are very hard to walk in and I almost break my ankle every time I attempt to, these shoes accentuate your legs, giving you a slender chic look while also pairing cutely with any outfit. These shoes are the perfect way to spice up an outfit, and I see them staying relevant for many years to come. 

This next trend is a more controversial one, and I definitely have mixed emotions about it. Knee-high socks. Although they are cute with certain shorts and skirts, I find these socks harder to style. Once popularized in the late ’90s, these have made a comeback in more street grunge wear, which is personally not my cup of tea, but I think if styled correctly, these accessory socks can add so much to your look. 

With the ’90s generation making its way back into our trends of the year, it makes me think, “What generation will we see make its comeback next?”