You should always consider what to wear on a first date


As a teenage girl, I’ve been on many dates throughout the course of my high school career, some good and some outright awful. However, the anxiety of knowing what to wear or how to style pieces has always been a problem with me and other girls I’ve talked to. 

There’s a lot of pressure when it comes to dating. You want to be elegant yet simple: not too basic but not too crazy. It seems it’s almost impossible to find the “right” outfit. 

I’m here to break down different date scenarios and what I would highly recommend for the girls for their upcoming dates.

I’m here to break down different date scenarios and what I would highly recommend for the girls for their upcoming dates.

Let’s start simply with a lunch or casual date. If you’re going out in public, but it’s something simple like food or coffee, I would definitely stray away from hoodies (as comfortable as they are) and lean more towards either a tight-fitting top and loose pants or a loose top and tight pants. This makes the look comfortable yet chic; it’s not too dressed up, and each aspect balances the other out while also giving a more relaxed feeling that matches the dates’ vibes.

Casual stylish coffee date outfit

Next is a harder one to tackle. A dinner date. Now, this does depend on many factors including what restaurant you’re going to and how nice it is, but for this one, you can never go wrong with a mini dress with fun accessories. I think maxi dresses are too formal for the occasion, but mini dresses are the perfect in-between of dressy and casual. To keep things interesting, I like to pair it up with some fun accessories which give your date a look into your own personal style. For example, a hair accessory like a headband, silk ribbon, bow, or even some fun colorful shoes or boots to lighten up the outfit will for sure win your date’s heart over. 

Simple yet elegant dinner date outfit

For this next one, I’ve been on many dates too, yet it has been the hardest for me to style an outfit for. Mini golf. Although a fun summer activity, it almost seems impossible to find the perfect outfit for this occasion. You’re outside in the heat, so you don’t want anything too long like pants or long sleeves; however, a skirt or dress is inappropriate in this setting unless you go actually golfing. For this, I recommend cute denim shorts to keep you cool from the heat and pair them with a preppier short sleeve shirt; again, you can never go wrong with a matching headband or any type of accessory to show your personal sense of style. 

A summertime look perfect for mini golf

Last but definitely not least is my favorite. Movie night at someone’s house. This one is quite simple: wear whatever you’re comfortable in. Personally, I think this night is a great night to bring out the sweats and sweatshirts and get cozy; however, there are so many cute options that can be comfortable as well. For example, many matching sweatsuits are available from popular brands such as Lululemon, H&M, Adidas, Aerie, and many other stores. 

This outfit proves cozy can be cute

From junior high to early 20s, dates and dating are such a huge culture in our generation. I hope this lengthy guide provides some help to the girls with pending dates in the future while keeping them confident yet cozy in one.