My perfect meet-cute


A picture of the type of book shelves I imagine in the bookstore

Because it was national couples day the other day, and I do not have someone to be a couple with, allow me to explain my dream “meet-cute.” In case you don’t know, a meet-cute is your first run-in with an attractive person that usually involves bumping into one another and something romantic or embarrassing happens. 

In mine, I would be slowly trailing the rows of books, carefully looking at each title and randomly picking up a book that piques my interest. I would be in a small bookstore—as much as I love Barnes and Noble, town bookstores have a cozier vibe— when he would walk in, the bell would chime and I would pay it no mind. 

I would have moved onto a new row, fully engrossed in the worlds at the tips of my fingers. He would have moved into the same row, and we would not have noticed each other. Then I would put down whatever book I had been reading the back of when I would turn and run right into his behind. 

He would turn around in surprise. I would apologize and move to go around him, but then I would notice him holding one of my favorite books and I would stop and the words would come out before I could think to stop them, “That book is really good, I highly recommend.” Then he would respond with sarcasm laced in his words, “Oh then maybe I should try something else.” I would laugh and pretend to be offended. We would trade sarcastic comments back and forth before he asked for my name and phone number. I would give both to him and then walk out of the bookstore in a dream-like daze. 

Now that I have described how we met, let me fill you in on some of the specifics of this ideal moment. 

I would be in a cottage-core, floral dress I own with white sneakers. It would fit the cozy aesthetic of the bookstore and hopefully make it look like I would appreciate a picnic date. I would also have my nails done in a simple white French tip so I look easygoing.

All of this would fit the vibe of the bookstore, of course. The store would look like it had stepped out of a fairy tale: oak shelves, a kind old lady working the front desk, and plenty of natural lighting. The meet-cute would occur in the fantasy aisle, but I would notice he is holding a realistic fiction (The Secret History by Donna Tartt). 

Every time I enter a bookstore, I keep an eye out for a cute guy in the fiction section; I have not yet found a guy to “accidentally” bump into. It might help if I start dressing as I described rather than in my sweats and low bun. 

I hope my perfect meet-cute allowed you to feel less lonely as you deal with being single, or make you feel more thankful for your partner and the relationship you have.