Science Olympiad’s first competition results in major success

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On Saturday, January 28th, FHC’s Science Olympiad team competed at the Haslett Science Olympiad Invitational and the results for their first competition turned out very well.

The team has been working with AP Biology teacher Patricia Richardson every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and optional Saturday practices since November to prepare for this season and their results for the first competition show their effort.

Other coaches, who equally work with the students, include Joey Spadafore, Kristy Butler, Jason Colegrove, and Lindsey Patt.

“We have a young team that is very excited to practice and is working hard. I think this is one of the youngest teams we have had recently,” Richardson said. “At the first competition, all of our students did very well.”

We have a young team that is very excited to practice, and is working hard. I think this is one of the youngest teams we have had recently. At the first competition, all of our students did very well.

— Patricia Richardson

All day Saturday, the team competed against teams that have consistently made it to states for the past few years and took 5th place overall. The team will have their next competition on February 11th at the Frankenmuth Invitational.

Students participated in various competitions and many medaled or earned ribbons in their field of study.

First Place Finishers

Ayah Ayesh – experimental design

Geoffrey Batterbee – invasive species

Suchir Gupta – disease detective

Khadijah Jeddy – in remote sensing and experimental design

Danny Richardson – both remote sensing and dynamic planet

Shira Shadick – dynamic planet

Abby Wolff – rock and minerals

James Xu – invasive species, rock and minerals

Williams Xu – experimental design, disease detective

Second Place Finishers

Francesca Duong – microbe mission

Scott Hadley – chemistry lab and hovercraft

Katherine Lown – chemistry lab

Danny Richardson – hydrogeology

Andy Travis – microbe mission

Kevin Wang – hydrogeology

Third Place Finishers

James Aidala – rocks & minerals

Geoffrey Batterbee – optics

Nick Ettinger – astronomy

Scott Hadley – materials & science

Ethan Krieger – rocks & minerals

Katherine Lown – material science

Abby Wolff – astronomy

Danny Richardson – optics

Fifth Place Finishers

James Aidala – material science

Geoffrey Batterbee – material science

Caitlin Benitez – disease detective

Zachary Jaeger – disease detective

Yuyuan Luo – remote sensing

Abby Wolff- remote sensing

Sixth Place Finishers

Nick Ettinger – material science, hovercraft

Suchir Gupta – game on

Scott Hadley – wind power

Varshini Perumal – experimental design

Andrew Reiffer – wind power

Yusra Sannah – experimental design

Rithik Sawant – hoverboard

Andy Travis – astronomy

Kevin Wang – game on

James Xu – material science

William Xu – astronomy

Seventh Place Finishers

Nick Ettinger – wind power

Zachery Jaeger – experimental design

Katherine Lown – experimental design

Yuyuan Luo – dynamic planet

Varshini Perumal – anatomy & physiology

Yusra Sannah – anatomy & physiology

Erica Santos – experimental design, forensics

Madeline Vonk – experimental design

Abby Wolff – dynamic planet

James Xu – forensics

Eighth Place Finishers

James Aidala – invasive species

Caitlin Benitez – ecology

Francesca Duong – invasive species

Yuyuan Luo – ecology

Erica Santos – microbe mission

Tenth Place Finishers

Tony DiMeglio – ecology

Eleventh Place Finisher

Fadawa Kamari – forensics

Thirteenth Place Finisher

Lilly Wang – chemistry lab


Nicolai Baird – built helicopter

Noah Ohanesian – built tower

Andrew Reiffer – built tower

Rithik Sawant – built an electric vehicle