I work, do you?


Most teens now have a job outside of school. It teaches discipline, time management, and above all, you actually have to work to get what you want. There are a few situations as to why a student would work outside of school. They may have to pay for their own gas and other expenses. Their parents may want them to learn what was stated previously. It could even be because their family is struggling financially and they want to help out.

There are some that don’t have jobs because their parent(s) give them everything they want. These kids tend to not be as self-sufficient as others, and they don’t understand what it’s like to be held accountable for things. I am not one of these people; while my parents pay for my cell phone and the insurance on my car, everything else comes out of my own pocket. Sometimes it’s really difficult balancing school, work, and other extracurricular activities, granted I only work 2 days a week for about 5 hours at a time, but that’s what works for me.

I’ve worked with people that have a job because their parents made them. I seriously don’t think that they truly understand why they need a job because a majority of the time they’re coming from well-off families, and when they want something, their parents will buy it for them. This causes them to call in whenever they want as they’re used to getting their way. What they don’t realize is that doing so that impacts other people because when they aren’t working, someone else has to come in and cover their shift for them. What if someone had something planned that day because they thought that they had the day off.

Then there are others who need a job in order to help support their family; these people could possibly have two or more jobs causing them to fall behind at school because they never have time for their homework. These teens have to have a job to support their family so that they can pay taxes and can go to school.

On average most teens work until about ten oa��clock at night, and on average, most teens also have at least three and a half hours of homework, if not more. Having money is nice and all, but is that really something some teens, like the one’s helping to support their family, should sacrifice for an education? Is this why their parent are struggling also? Because they never got an education because they were just trying to help support their family too?

Every teen has a job for a different reason, some want the job for spending money, some do it because their parents are forcing them to, and others have one simply because they have to. Either way, working is more than just “work”, you build relationships with coworkers and your boss and when you go to apply for new ones they could reflect well on you. Working really does teach you things too. Discipline, time management, and working to get what you want. These are all important later in life so if you have the time, I would suggest that you get a job because you learn things there that you could never learn at school.