MAC Cosmetics “Double Gleam” vs. Becca Cosmetics “Rose Gold”


MAC Cosmetics has been a very influential brand in the makeup industry for as long as I can remember; however, a brand called Becca has recently come to surface and has taken the makeup world by storm. MAC Cosmetics has created what is now a very reputable brand with high quality makeup that keeps the customers coming back for more, while the company Becca is still developing their reputation. If I had the choice to shop from one brand over the other, I believe I’d still choose MAC Cosmetics. I own highlighters from both makeup brands, and highlighters have become huge in the past year.

Right off the bat, MAC’s highlighter name jumps out. Its name is “Double Gleam,” while Becca has just gone for naming the highlighters after the color in which they are, like “Rose Gold.” The highlighter “Double Gleam” has a color-shifting effect based on lighting; in a brighter light, it has more of an off-white coloring, while in a more yellow lighting, it takes on a pinkish tone. “Rose Gold” will always be pink, but in varying shades of it. While some may like that, I highly prefer the color-shifting effect that is present in “Double Gleam.”

The pigmentation, or how vivid the color comes off, on both of these products was very true to the color that was on the packaging. In terms of colors, “Double Gleam” has a long-lasting wear to it; whereas, “Rose Gold” will stay on for a few hours and then disappear. If you put primer under it, the wear will be longer as it is with every makeup product.

The packaging of both MAC Cosmetics and Becca is something worthwhile to notice as well, because if it doesn’t catch the consumer’s eye, it’s not going to be bought. MAC, as usual, went with the classic black casing with the clear top that has their logo printed on it. Becca’s packaging is much different, but it also stands out while still looking professional. The packaging of “Rose Gold” is brown with a rubbery texture and a metal circle center with the Becca logo written in all caps multiple times in a ring formation. I know that MAC wanted to stick to the classics with this one. But “Double Gleam,” along with three other highlighters, were released only for a limited time. Because of this, I was unsure as to why they didn’t do a unique, different packing that they had done with their limited edition collects so many times before.

All in all, both products are very high quality. And if you’re willing to spend the 32 dollars on “Double Gleam” or the 38 dollars on “Rose Gold,” then I would go for it. The amount of product you get with the price is definitely worth it. And although it may not look like there’s much in the container, there is plenty enough. Because the pigmentation in both products is high quality, not a lot of product is used each day. Out of the two, I would suggest MAC Cosmetics “Double Gleam” more than Becca’s “Rose Gold” because it’s cheaper, the color-shifting effect is extremely unique, and the wear of it is much longer.