The Jungle of manipulation, and Desert of truth Hoyo-Verse has summoned into Genshin Impact


The two vastly different landscapes of Sumeru shown here on top or bottom

Within the confines of an archaic fantasy written world, the Chinese company, Hoyo-Verse, has conjured its most extraordinary chapter in Genshin Impact. It includes characters that outsmart the lore, concepts that shatter reality and erase the player’s whole perspective on the main standing storyline. 

Genshin Impact’s newest Archon quest or story quest, Truth Amongst the Pages of Purana marks itself as the latest addition to its three other counterparts. It takes place following the mysterious Traveler and their trusty guide Paimon as the two navigate the forests and desserts of Sumeru. The nation is a new addition to the world map, offering a plethora of free exploration through lively cities and beautiful scenery. 

This game is known as a free-world exploration game, allowing players to go wherever their hearts desire. However, the quests that follow the main plot guide them to different locations. 

3.1 introduced a jungle, known by the Academia that resides in the lofty branches of Sumeru city. We also learn more about the Archon, or God, of Sumeru, Lesser Lord Kusanali, who is overshadowed greatly by Greater Lord Rukkhadevata. 

Three-point two then adds to the map, allowing players to discover an entirely new environment, the desert. The land sports mechanics allow for characters’ footprints in the sand, little beetles and dinosaur-like birds dotting the dunes to even a large pyramid taking up most of the horizon line.

As for other returning characters, well there are some things that a player must get to experience firsthand along with a multitude of electrifying realizations. 

Much like the other nations of Mondstat, Liyue, and Inazuma, Sumeru is based on a particular region’s culture, choosing South Asian attributes. References are hidden like treasure troves throughout the lore, character dialogue, and many readable texts throughout the gameplay. 

Three-point three wraps up the quest, sporting many different areas and points to reach that help progress the story. From the dust quaint Aaru village to the bustling streets of Port Ormos, the traveler navigates a plot of manipulation and lies. Players can work alongside other playable characters, like the long-awaited Cyno, whose designs mirror the Egyptian god Anubis, or Dehya, a mercenary with fierce loyalty and a heart of gold working with both conflicting civilizations of Sumeru

However, Hoyo-Verse does not just present a new land of opportunity, they also bring back many old concepts that existed before entering Sumeru. For example, followers of the game way before the Beta release, have long-awaited manga characters to return. For example, the young green-haired girl Collie gets reintroduced as a forest ranger trainee, mentored by the new character forest ranger Tignari. 

As for other returning characters, well there are some things that a player must get to experience firsthand along with a multitude of electrifying realizations. 

Genshin also offers a spectacular array of soundtracks to fill the void of exploration and battle. Songs like Swirls of the Stream, Whirling of Leaves and Petals, and even A Whisper of Evening Star dazzle the game’s soundscape, all woven together by Hoyo-Mix, the game music design team.

Genshin Impact has constantly improved and continues to evolve as its players get more involved, and with at least four more chapters on the way, the Sumeru update has shown the company’s ability. One can only hope that the next will be even brighter and full of life like the last days of Rukkhadevata’s existence, and the truth about King Deshret.